Loren Schuyler

'Hunting too I presume?'

'Yes,' Mal replied tightly. 'Not that it is any of your concern. This is nobody's territory.'

'I understand that,' the dark haired one said, as equally as curtly.

It had been a while since we had stumbled across the others. Well, 'stumbled' wouldn't really be the appropriate term. There were vampires in our own tribe that liked to antagonize the sanguine tribe. They thought it was a bit of fun, until someone got hurt. I still remember Mal's younger sister Bonnie, reckless and impulsive, tried to fight one of the sanguine tribes, but she got off much worse from it. Mal still didn't like to talk about it much now, although it was well over a decade ago. 

Hence why I had always been cautious around the others. I did not want to suffer the same fate as Bonnie, buried somewhere in the forest six feet under. I was short tempered with a stubborn nature, but I always made sure I kept this in check around the sanguines. 

The guy that faced us now was quite obviously the leader. He told us this much in his general stance. He was taller than Mal, by a good few inches or so, and was built much more muscularly. It was his eyes that got me though; they were very dark, a human might mistake them for black, and were now fixed on me with unsettling scrutiny. I suddenly felt very self conscious.

Mal's eyes flickered to me, then back to the leader. 'I am sure that you do not wish for trouble, am I correct?'

'You would be right,' he spoke calmly, turning back to Mal.

I felt Tyler tense beside me; I knew he was aching for a fight. I nudged him very slightly with my elbow, a warning to tell him to cool it. Tyler was like a male version of me, although he was a little more imprudent than I was. He didn't tend to think things through. My gaze lingered on Tyler's temple where a thin streak of red was still visibly embedded into his skin. Another fight. Some vampire had been willing to rip him apart, had Mal not stepped in.

Neither Mal nor the leader of the other clan seemed willing to turn their back first. I decided to take the opportunity while it was there, wary or not. I felt eyes boring into my back as I walked away. Amber was the first to follow, slipping into step beside me. Eventually, we all dispersed. The other group headed off in their own direction, Mal taking the lead up front for us.

When we were well out of sight, he turned to face me.

'What was that Loren?'

'What was what?' 

'You realize how dangerous that was?'

'Please,' I scoffed. 'There's seven of us. What's walking away gonna do anyway? I was getting ready to set up camp for the night, the way you were staring down their leader. I thought we were gonna be forever.'

'You never turn your back on an enemy Loren. Never.' He stalked off, furious.

His words didn't affect me; I didn't see the big deal with walking away. However, there was something niggling at my mind. The way their leader had looked at me. So intensely, such a piercing stare. 

It unnerved me slightly.

The End

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