Aaron Steele

I'd once been fool enough to assume my life would be easy being a vampire. That mistaken thought has not been enough to redeem my future of what it is meant to be.

After the most recent "raid" of our tribe into a nearby small human settlement, my quench had been satisfied enough to keep me thriving for the next month. Our tribe tried not to attract attention from the hunters. We decided it best not to have willing donors - a suggestion given from one of our members. We have suitable methods to make our victims unaware of the fact that we'd feeded. They'd only think they'd fainted. A single touch allows us to make our 'meal' fall unconcious.

Effective as it is, it can be an easy betrayal if we were spotted by others. That's why we tried making it quick. It was our rush that led us to bumping into another tribe of our kind.

Five of us had gone hunting tonight from our group of twenty three: Wes, Sharonne, Mason, Carmen and I. It took about an hour as we split up, each in search of our own food. The taste of the blood is intoxicating but some blood is better than the other. My meal tonight hadn't been particularly delicious but fulfilling enough to keep me going.

We decided to meet at the fountain located in the middle of the town when the clock struck midnight. Regroup and go back home had been our plan. But we had other surprises awaiting. When I approached the landmark alongside Wes and Carmen with the two whispering behind me, I stopped in my tracks and shoved them back against the wall behind me.

"What's going on?" Wes asked.

"There are others."

The two followed the direction of my gaze towards the fountain and Carmen uttered a curse - a habit of hers.

"What should we do?"

My eyes flickered to the new vampires. They are our own kind but yet we can never be sure of our safety against an opposing tribe. There were seven of them; three girls and four men. Though we were hidden in the shadows, the girl who seemed to be the youngest of the group met my eye; a sudden and unexpected action. Had she sensed me?

"We should go to them. We don't have a choice anyways. I have no idea where Sharonne and Mason are and they'll be stupid enough to walk into the others. Let's not appear hostile anyways." 

Without waiting for approval, I walked towards the group knowing that the two others would follow me anyways. This was confirmed by the sounds of their soft footsteps and as we approached the other vampires, they watched us; their expressions blank.

My eyes flickered to meet the girl's blue ones and I found my gaze observing her longer than the others but quickly, I withdrew it.

"Hunting too I presume?"

The End

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