The Biggest Add-On Story Ever

Are you ready to create a story? Well then what are you doing? Click on the story and start the adventure!

Welcome to The Biggest Add-On Story Ever! Why are you hear you ask? Because you, my friend, are awesome. Out of all the people on this site who look at this and turn away, you decided to click on this story and join the adventure.

What will happen in this adventure you ask? I have absolutely no idea but there's only one way to find out and you know what that way is so I don't need to tell you but there is something I do need to tell you. Believe it or not there are going to be rules for this adventure but they shouldn't be too hard to follow. The rules are here to keep things from getting out of hand. Thank you for your cooperation!

Rules of the Adventure:

1- Do not change the characters. You may add characters to the story but don't suddenly change who the characters are. That just confuses things and then everything gets all out of wack.

2- Do not do anything to make this marked as mature. More people will enjoy reading it if it's kept clean.

3- Do your best to can the cuss words and vulgar language. I know many people on here, including me, that don't like to read that crap.

4- I want you to make this rule your number one priority: HAVE FUN! Cause if you're not having fun then what are you doing here?

Now it's time to begin the adventure!

The End

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