The Dogsitter

This little incident happened a couple of weeks ago in the Christmas holidays. My neighbour has two large golden retrievers, Dibley and Sapphire. I'd often nip over to amuse them for an hour or two if she ever went out to work or anything and one day she had to drive up to get her husband from the airport in Bristol and would be gone for the whole day.

That left me in charge of the dogs.

Now, I'd met them before and I knew what they were like. Both big, bouncy and... slobbery. Very slobbery. Seeing as they had some energy to spare my mum and I took them out for a walk. This was going well enough, Sapphire was thankfully being vaguely calm and allowing me to disentangle her lead from around her legs when it got caught (which it always seemed to be doing.)

Then we reached the mud puddle.

Upon seeing the great expanse of slobby gloop in front of us, my mum and I decided to go around it. Dibley and Sapphire had other ideas. My mum is a good deal stronger than I am and managed to keep a grip on Dibs.

I didn't have quite the same amount of control on Sapphire and ended up being yanked forward. I dug my heels into the ground and, just at the edge of the puddle, she stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief and started to pull her back away from the puddle.

Sapphire then hurled herself forward into the mud, nearly jerking my arm out of it's socket in the process, and ended up rolling in the puddle looking throughly pleased with herself. I was face-down in the mud next to her, trying to shake my muck-encrusted hair out of my face. Eventually I struggled back to my feet and stood, dripping with mud and furious in front of my hysterically giggling mother.

We then had to walk home, with me still covered from head to foot in mud.

Right through the middle of the village square.

I've been getting odd looks from the locals ever since.

Oh the shame.

The End

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