is it always on recieption??

oh yes it happened on recieption, again. well me and my friend, emmi, (who has protag, protag name is emmi, and writes really good storys) were on receiption  and we done like all our work and emily (emmi) had borght her ipod. first me and emily watched a short film on her ipod, but she didn't have any more vidios so we played trivial pursuit on her ipod. 

we were playing and i was losing :( but the i got some luck and anwsered one question right and got a wedge (there things you have to get to win but you have to get 6 different colours of them) and these teachers, who i dont know (luckerly), walked by but coz i was so pleased i shouted "YES!". and they turned around, i was so embrassed, BUT that isn't the embrassing part. i got a few other questions right then one wrong but i only needed one more wedge!!! then after waiting to land on that colour square i finally got to the square... but i lost... a few times. but then i got it write, but i didn't know the head of year was just walking past and shouted "YEAH" really load. but it was also embrassing for emily because she was going "oooo". the the head of year started laughing, then walked in to the officey place. then i had to make it to the middle sqaure and after a few trys  I MADE IT!! but i didn't relise miss johnson (head of year) had just walked out of the officey place.  and i shouted "YES!!!!!" extra load!!!! and yes she started laughing.

now i try not to be seen by miss johnson. hope i dont have he next year for P.E (she's a P.E teacher)

please rate by how embrarsing. 

The End

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