Wait. What did you say?

It was seventh grade and I had just entered a new school, and like expected, I wasn't very popular as the new kid, especially when it's middle school. After being in my new school for a few weeks, I started developing this crush (which later on turned into a slight obsession) on a guy in most of my classes. Needless to say, he was a big jerk, and we didn't get along.

Many of my teachers have told me that I have to work on my listening skills (and still do), but I never really cared much until I remembered what happened one certain day during my history class in seventh grade.

I used to sit right behind the guy I liked, which made me very happy, as is normal for a pre-teen crushing on a boy. It was hell sitting there. I would be constantly teased by the guys sitting next to me and my crush, and it was hard to make any friends like that. But then again, I was a pre-teen in "love", and couldn't care less.

One day, our teacher asked us to get into groups of two for an assignment. Of course, I didn't have a partner for that one, but then again, I was the new kid. A few seconds after they all got into their groups/partners (yes, some would rather get into groups than be with me at that time), my crush started sliding his desk towards mine. Well, I had a very noticable heart attach in that moment, and started sliding my chair away from his. He was pretty stubborn though, and kept pushing his stupid desk back against mine.

This is were I can't help but laugh (or hide my face, before I could get over what happened). Since I was being so evassive, my crush called the teacher so that he would put me in check or whatever.

Remember those listening skills I mentioned at the beginning? So this is what happened.

My teacher proceeded to tell me something that was supposed to calm me down, but I, with my heart attach still affecting my senses, didn't hear a single word of what he said. In my mind, what I took his mouth to be forming and directing towards me was something along the lines of "It's just partner work". So, I slumped down in my desk, made a pout, and looked away from both my crush and my teacher in disappointment.

Talk about an embarassing mistake.

Everyone in the classroom started chuckling and/or giggling at me. The only thing I could think of was "What in the world is wrong with them?". But then I saw my crush's face. It was something between laughter and embarassment, and slightly red. So I looked at my teacher and asked him "What did you say?"

"I said, he's only putting his desk there until after partner work. He's not going to be working with you."

You can probably imagine me after that. Blushing and trying to hide behind my class folder. What I had done before made everyone think that I did want to work with him. I couldn't get over that for quite a while afterwords (about two years or so). In the end, he found out about my crush, and I tried my best to deny it. And again, the way he found out still makes me blush a bit, but at least it's long burried in the past. And no, you won't hear about that one. :)

The End

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