the big (hopefully) book of cringes


ok guys where all gonna write a embarrsing story about us (no mature content please it has to be sutible for children) so yh. no lies, no exageration JUST THE TRUTH!!! please rate chapter by how funny it is!!! ok I'll start:

"one time me and my friend where on rececption at our school. and school was ending one lesson early so we decided to go to town after school. but we were waiting for our friends. there was this really annoying boy there kicking a football around. and every teacher who walk by said 'stop that right now' or 'don't do that inside' and then mrs cummin (pronouced coo-ming) my spanish teacher comes along and said 'muy bein' (spanish for very good) and she walks into the office. the boy went coz he saw his sister. after that my friends come and i say ' there was this really annoying boy kicking the football around tryin to hit us and asking us stupid questions and yh. and every other teacher comes along and goes 'stop that right now' or ' don't do that inside' and mrs cummin' which i didn't realise had came out of the office walked by and saids 'what were you saying about me?' and i say nothing. she then looks like she's going to leave the saids 'so what did you say?' and i say 'well every other teacher tells that boy off for kicking the ball around and you said muy bien' and she laughs and walks away then my friends start laughing it was so embarasing!'

please read others and add yours!

thnx from Ella  

The End

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