The ToiletsMature

Later I’m in the parish toilets vomiting, I’m covered in sticky, cloying blood. It smells like copper. I still have my eye. I’ve confirmed something I always knew. The man didn’t die easily. He struggled and I missed my thrusts. There was no clean butchery. Just a mess. Somehow the fact that I’ve committed a crime isn’t getting to me. Nor that I’ve given into my worst faults. The thing that shames me most of all is my lack of shame. I don’t wonder if given the same choice if I’d change events. I know I wouldn’t. It’s funny, I was raised Catholic. Always described myself as a bad Catholic. Have I finally cut the last link between me and religion by killing a man I remember lecturing at me from a pulpit from a very young age? Matters little mind, with the creatures I’ve met I know the traditional Abrahamic god is a flight of fancy on mankind’s half. Maybe I can become him. Maybe all I did was commit the first sacrifice to myself. There is a slow clapping behind me. I abhor the cliché but cannot doubt it is earned.
‘Do you know the reason we play this game boy’ he spits
I ignore him, I vomit again, the bathroom smells awful a fetid mix of excrement and  incense... fucking Catholics.
‘ You see’ He continues ‘When you live as long as us, when you travel the paths of the multiverse moulding it to your will and consuming the rest you start to need more, now boy take into account that this is a deep simplification our feelings are multi-dimensional whilst yours are singular but the best word I have to describe it is… bored. We need entertainment and so we have the game. The game adds peril for us. It allows us the chance to lose everything, or alternatively gain everything, why just a Googol ago I was nearly winner. Were it not for a stray roll of a trapezohedron I would have reshaped everything in my own image. With all this information I hope you realise why you have been invited. Why exacly out of everyone I could have picked I picked you. Why you are so far nothing more than an infernal disappointment and you had better start doing better.’

The End

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