The Divine Gargantuan Titans Of The MultiverseMature

The door creaks open.

The door was opened by what appeared to be a prim and proper dark skinned Lady in a beautiful emerald green dress, she had grey hair and slight winkles but held herself like a much younger woman, and her eyes were a strange shade silver that felt like it cut deep into you. Of course that isn’t how she (if it could even be ascribed gender) looked. Much like the old man when I looked at her I saw her as she was, as close as my mind could grasp. I saw the great cosmic devourer in all her splendour, I saw Macuilcozcacuauhtli.

I think I’ve been through a lot these past few days because my mind just accepted her and all the usual horrifying cosmic implications. She greeted me warmly with a hug whispering to me that I was an interesting player in the game and she hoped to see me go far even if it’s only to piss off Finvarra. She brought me into the plain drab church and asked to kneel in front of the alter. I complied, she seemed like she would turn at any moment from a charming friendly woman to, well a great cosmic devourer and in that case I would be little more than an ant in her path. After kneeling at the altar for what felt like a minor eternity out same the rest of the beings who I’d been playing against. I felt their entry as the hairs on the back of my neck went up. My memory twigged. I knew who these five beings were.






Or as I saw them five older people of mixed races.

Or as I saw them divine gargantuan titans of the Multiverse.

And I had a forfeit to pay.

I was trembling, I felt sick. Somehow there was a knife in my hands. I don’t know how it got there, it was strangely comforting. The old man stepped forward. ‘My friends the holy ritual is upon us, this earth being failed in his tack of ascending in the first game and so much pay the price for knowledge, as it was in the old times, an eye of his choosing, we will devour the eye and take his minor knowledge into us, as we take everything into us’ He turned to me snakelike.
‘Are you ready to pay?’ I collapse to the floor weeping I mutter ‘Only if there is no other course of action’
A sly smile crosses his face. Some would describe it as evil but that would be a misunderstanding. There is no evil to be had here. These beings simply are, this game I’m caught up in simply part of the rules of eternity. Maybe they created it. Maybe it was set down by a cruel bored god. But one cannot protest. Everything is fair.
‘ There are always the other options for cowards… but many would say they are not necessarily better.’

He walked over to the alter snatching the cloth off greedily. He made a few simple gestures with his hands and the veil covering my eyes was moved. On the alter trussed up like a fat rig ready to roast lay a man. He’s eyes screaming fear. The old man came to me and put a knife in my hands. The choice was mine.

The End

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