The Talk againMature

There are few hells worse than what someone can create for themselves in their own mind. Thankfully Henry thankfully is right on time. I immediately offer to buy him a drink; he refuses me saying he won’t be here long. I ask what the hell’s he so pissed at me for. What he tells me saddens me but fails to surprise me. Man’s sick of me being a killjoy and pissed that I turned his birthday into another day about me. In the early hours of the morning he had decided to go looking for me. He found me in the casino car park ‘off my fucking tits’ so much that when he tried to help me I gave him a black eye in return. Despite this he got me home. A last favour for a friend he used to like, before I became this mess that hurts myself and drives people away. Let me say, Henry’s not smart in fact he’s kind of an idiot sometimes. To drive him away I’ve really fucked everything up, beyond even what I thought was possible. I could resolve to change but would I? Can I even with whatever I’ve got myself involved in? I mean if cosmic gods are real what my personal battles even matter. I only know one thing. I have to get out of this game. Even if it costs me my life, I feel losing to these things would leave me in a state worse than death. Today was proved that to me.

I carry on drinking until eleven. Slightly tipsy I start heading up to the church only stopping at a fried chicken take out on my way up. The food is greasy and leaves a bad taste in my mouth but it makes me feel alive. On the way up to the church I finally realise that drug from casino has not worn off, somehow earlier I was too caught up in my own problems to notice, the images I see aren’t quite as vivid as what I saw with the old man but there are little things are everywhere. And I instinctively know what all these things are. I see a leech of the abyss sucking a man’s brain dry whilst impregnating him with an egg sized tumour, I see a multiversal vampire feeding on the very cracks of our reality, I even see one of our stalwart protectors an angelic leucocyte involved in an epic fight in the sky against the invading forces of the drooling imbecilic child king, if it loses this world dies, burning in fire, semen and mild insanity. That high up it just looks like a better than average firework display. I continue on arriving at the church I throw the take out box to the ground head to the doors of the kinda unimpressive unassuming traditional Catholic Church and I knock. ‘Hellooooooo creey weirdos, is anyone home do you heaaaaaar me’

The door creaks open.

The End

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