The TabMature

It takes me all of five minutes to decide to go see him. I mean I at the very least his offer might kill the monotony that is my life. And as for his threats in regards to destroying my life, I don’t believe there’s much to destroy. Bring it on old fool. After greeting him again at the poker tables he walks away gesturing me to follow. He then leads me to the basement and his private office a stone grey room with two chairs a table and a constant drip drip drip to drive you to insanity.  He sits at the table and gestures to me to take a seat opposite to him. I comply. I somehow have managed not to use my smart mouth again with his man. He looks small and frail but exudes… confidence I guess, power maybe? It’s hard to say. Either way I really don’t want to fuck with him. I sit like a good dog.
‘To start’ he croaks’ Do you believe in… what’s the word they use now oh… the supernatural I guess’
I look at him like he’s crazy (he probably is) ‘No not at all I say, I am and remain I rationalist’
He smiles slyly ‘oh this should be fun then’ he searches in his pocket and pulls out a tab with a picture of the weird polyhedron from before on it, placing it upon the table
‘ Take this’ he commands.
‘ Waitwaitwait… stop. You brought me down here to drop acid. That’s your amazing opportunity’
The old man chuckled, it was the kind of chuckle a serial killer would give before finishing off his prey
‘Maybe it is and maybe the boy should stop asking so many fucking questions’ He reached out across the table and slapped me, there was little pain. My pride was damaged more than anything. But then my pride has always being pretty fragile. I didn’t want to do this, I’d stayed away from this stuff since Sarah asked, I didn’t believe it was that bad for me, I’d had some good experiences but she worried. But fuck her. She isn’t here now. She’s why I’ve got into this whole mess. I took the tab and placed it under my tongue.
‘So what we gonna do whilst I wait for this to kick in?’

We played cards in the dank grey room for half an hour.

The old man was very very good.              

The End

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