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It wasn’t until six o’clock in the evening, after he had finished three more glasses of wine and nearly a whole pack of newly opened cigarettes did Tristan finally finish his English essay. He stretched his back, clicked the ‘save’ button and yawned loudly as he got up from his desk and turned around to slide into his bed. He stopped short however; because during that whole afternoon Tristan had completely forgotten that Violet was asleep on his bed. Rolling his eyes, but very gently, Tristan managed to tuck Violet in bed – luckily for Tristan he had a Queen double – before he sat back down at the computer, feeling oddly more awake than usual.

Lighting up another cigarette and pouring only half a glass of wine this time, Tristan started to troll the internet, boredom is a heavy burden in Tristan’s life, he could become easily bored and frustrated at mundane things that others would consider a part of everyday life. Tristan was always constantly doing something new or become interested and borderline obsessed with something that was able to keep his interest for a week.

It wasn’t until one thirty in the morning did Tristan finally find something that was entertaining and worth his attention. The band was called ‘Lolita Hearts’ a punk rock band that seemed to keep all the rock’s sex appeal from the 60’s and infuse it with the style and attitude of punk from the 70’s. They sometimes did covers of bands such as The Animals, The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley (back in his widely sexy days), but what was different about Lolita Hearts that separated them from other bands were their original songs, which harked back to the good old times of original and meaningful song writing with excellent band members and a frontman that had all the sex appeal from the great rock legends. It only took a couple of hours until Tristan was completely obsessed with Lolita Hearts frontman Finn Walker, whose dark – almost black – hair was styled back like the quiff of Elvis Presley, the tall and athletic body of an athlete and a voice that was incredibly sexy and deep. Like the singer from Puscifer.

Finn Walker had charisma, show presence and an incredible amount of sexual power on stage, it oozed out of him and the frontman had this laidback and yet almost destructive attitude on stage. The way he smoked and drank would rival a pirate, and yet with every song Finn held the microphone as if he were holding a lover, he swayed to the music as if it were his drug of choice and when the songs become fast or heated with emotion Finn would be the embodiment of those emotions. He was a perfect frontman; girls in the audience would swoon and scream over him, whilst men would quietly worship him while still rocking out to the music.

It was strange that Lolita Hearts wasn’t one of those hugely successful bands that toured internationally and who were interviewed nearly every second day. In fact they were the type of band that was at the cusp of fame, a huge following and highly praised reviews from underground and local magazines. But they weren’t signed and their albums were only available through their website or at their gigs – which were usually at underground nightclubs.

Looking at their website Tristan was pleasantly surprised when he found out that the band was English, not only that but they were also based and performed in London, which was only a half hour drive from Tristan’s house. Smiling, Tristan quickly scrawled the date of Lolita Hearts next performance - which was going to be next weekend on Friday and Saturday night – before he turned off his computer and slept opposite side of Violet. 

The End

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