Violet hurried into the borrowed clothes and wiped off most of her make up.

That had been the most embarassing moment of her life. She could still see the surprised look on Hugh's face when he answered the door, then seeing the amusement in Tristan's eyes when he saw her.

Her stomach was a tight knot of nerves and her hands wouldn't stop shaking.
But worst of all, she felt rejected. He didn't even pause or suck in a breath or compliment her.
He just laughed.
The hurt Violet felt at that moment was overwhelming. Her knees shook with the effort it took to hold herself upright.

She looked at her make up free face in the mirror and wondered what was so wrong with her that he didn't notice her.
Was she really that bad? She asked herself. 
Violet sighed and opened the bathroom door and carried her things back into Tristan's room and plopped down on his bed.

He looked over at her in amusement.
"Are you going to tell me what that was all about?" He asked her as he flicked the ash from his smoke. Violet blushed and lay back on his bed.

"It's complicated." Violet muttered. Tristan chuckled, just the sound of his laugh made Violet grit her teeth together.

"Well I have all night." He said. Violet gave a bitter laugh and shook her head.
"I'm not really in the mood to explain it to you." She told him softly.

He went silent for a minute before he shuffled over to the bed and sat on the edge of it and looked down at her.

"Violet, what's going on?" He whispered to her. Violet searched his gaze, looking for any kind of sign that he loved her, but she only saw concern.

"Nothing." She whispered back to him. Tristan wiped a stray piece of hair from her forehead.
"I can tell you're lying Vi." He said to her softly. Violet swallowed but didn't say anything.
Tristan continued to look at her for another moment before sighing and standing up. He walked back over to his computer and started typing away again.

Violet listened to the sound of his fingers tapping against the keyboard. The sound put her in a sort of a trance, causing her eyelids to go heavy and her jumbled mess of a brain to quiet down as Violet slipped into a near peaceful slumber.

The End

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