The milky white smoke hung in the air as Tristan flicked some ash into the glass jar next to him, and almost absently he took a sip from the red wine, which was also contained in a glass jar, and adjusted his monocle as he typed feverishly on his computer. The monocle wasn’t for any purpose; in fact the glass lens had no effect on his ability to read, it was just because Tristan liked wearing it because he saw it on the movie Heathers. Music played quietly in the background, but Tristan hardly payed any attention to it; he had to get this essay done for his English Lit class by tomorrow.

Tristan hated school, not only because most of the teachers were idiots and wankers, but because mostly everyone was so caught up in sex, parties and gossip. Of course, Tristan was no saint either, he usually went to those underground nightclubs with Violet to just drink, and take drugs and he probably would have sex if he wasn’t so caught up trying to maintain his reputation.

Everyone at school loves Tristan Elwes; he is the English version of Ferris Bueller. Nearly all of the students in school would say that he’s the next James Dean, whilst everyone else would say that he’s the love child of Johnny Depp and Tom Hardy. It was this reputation that Tristan tried to hold on to, which was why he didn’t want anyone at school finding out about his sexual orientation, he knew that if he did come out to the entire school everyone would lump him with that gay guy from Little Britain and then no one would find him cool anymore.

Sighing, Tristan drank half of the wine in one go, smacking his lips together at the bitterness of the taste, before inhaling more of the cancerous smoke into his lungs and exhaling it towards the open window beside him. Rolling his neck back and groaning in frustration Tristan started to type again, but this time it was less enthusiastic and more on the point of ‘why am I doing this?’

He stopped however as someone knocked on the front door, and he couldn’t help but smile as he heard Hugh practically skip across the lounge room to open it.

“Oh, Hello Violet” came the muffled surprise of his Dad, “oh God, I’m so sorry… I really didn’t mean to look there… I just… umm… you look nice in those clothes… Oh God, no I… that just made me sound like a pedo…”

Tristan smiled in bewilderment at Hugh’s obvious embarrassment, his brow furrowed from questioning what exactly Violet was wearing that could make his Dad ramble and apologise uselessly. Hugh Elwes was never short for a few witty remarks, but this was the first time he heard his Dad become flustered and awkward.

“Umm, you’re probably here to see Tristan… He’s up in his room… Violet, I am so so sorry…” His eyes widening in realisation Tristan quickly grabbed his grey sweatpants from the floor and pulled them on over his boxers, before sitting back down on the desk chair and pretending to type something on the computer just as Violet burst through the door, hurriedly slammed it shut and leaned her back against it.

It was only until then did Tristan slowly turn his chair around to actually look at Violet, who had buried her face into her hands and murmuring quietly “Oh my god” over and over again. But once he saw her, with her black jacket revealing a black lace slip, thin black stockings and five inch heels that Violet could never walk wearing, Tristan couldn’t help but laugh.

So this is what Hugh saw.

“Why are you wearing that?” Tristan laughed as he got up and pried Violet’s hands away from her face, his smile widened in surprise as he saw makeup, like actual makeup, on Violet’s face.

“I don’t know.” Violet answered in between an awkward laugh, her face had turned ghost white but she managed to look at Tristan with pleading eyes that said ‘kill me now.’

“I am going to tease you for this forever, you know.” Tristan laughed loudly, and he continued to laugh as he made Violet sit on his bed before he went through his wardrobe and brought out another pair of grey sweatpants and one of his old pyjama shirts and handed the clothes to Violet who immediately sprinted to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. 

The End

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