Violet's Surprise.Mature

Violet looked at herself in the mirror and bit her lip.
Corie's plan had turned out to be something Violet never thought she'd do. They'd spent hours at the mall, looking for the perfect 'outfit' for Violet.
Violet had just thought that she was going to get dressed up in nice clothes, and look her best and impress Tristan.
But she had thought wrong.

"Violet did you try it on? Does it fit?" Corie asked from the other side of the door to Violet's bathroom. Corie had taken Violet to a lingerie store, where she had picked out some black lace dress thqt clung to Violet like a second skin and hugged her curves expertly. The dress stopped mid-thigh, just above the band where the black stockings started.

"Yes it fits." She said loud enough for Corie to hear. Corie laughed and clapped her hands together.
Violet looked at the 'outfit' and shook her head. She shouldn't be doing this. She couldn't do this.

But what if it made Tristan fall for her? It would be worth it in the end and her embarassment would have been worth it. Violet also thought of how it could turn out if Tristan hated it. He might not speak to her again, could never even look at her.

The thought had panic clawing at Violet. What would she do if he never spoke to her again? She'd be nothing. Just an empty shell, simply existing because she had to. Life without Tristan looked bleak and uninteresting. Violet shook her head again.

"Corie, I can't do this." She said as she put a robe on and opened the door. Corie looked at her in shock.
"Why not?" She asked in confusion. Violet took a deep shuddering breath.

"What if he hates it? Not only will I be making a fool out of myself, but I'll be losing him too!" Violet exclaimed. Corie hushed her and took one of her hands.

"Violet, it's going to be alright. He won't hate it." She said in such a sure tone that the panic in Violet had started to ease.
Violet swallowed and nodded.
"Okay. I'll go around there now before I chicken out." She whispered. Corie grinned at her.

"Right then, put your heels on, fix your make up up a bit and you'll need the jacket." Corie said as she walked over to the bags on Violet's bed and pulled out the long calf length black jacket and then dug through another bag and pulled out the five inch heels. She walked over to Violet and handed them to her.
"You can do this Violet." Corie said with a small smile.

Violet smiled back at her and went into the bathroom and applied make up on, then put the heels on. Her legs wobbled slightly, causing her to reach out to hold on to the doorframe.

"Are you ready?" Corie asked her. Violet nodded and started wobbling down the stairs and out to her car. "Text me!" Corie shouted to her as Violet pulled out of the driveway and headed over to Tristan's house.

She arrived there in a few minutes. She took a few deep breaths, before carefully making her way to the front door and knocking.
She unbuttoned her jacket and fluffed her hair up. A wide smile spread across her face as the door opened.

The End

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