Corie's Plan.Mature

"What? He's gay?" Sputtered Violet's best girl-friend Corie.
The two sat outside Violet's house in the sun discussing what had happened the night before. Violet nodded with a serious look on her face and sipped at her iced tea.
"He told me last night when we were watching some movie." Violet whispered.
Corie shook her head. Violet placed her tea on the table and laced her fingers in her lap tightly.

She was still in shock. She still couldn't comprehend that she and Tristan would never be together. The wounds were still raw and her heart still throbbed with each tortured beat. She knew she was being selfish, but she couldn't help it. She loved him so much that she refused to let him go.
Even if it meant Tristan's happiness.

"Tristan? The Tristan, told you, last night while you were eating butter chicken and watching a movie, that he's gay and he's known for a few years?" Corie said in disbelief. Violet nodded again and sat back in her seat with a sigh.
"Yes." She muttered. Corie shook her head and swirled her drink around in her glass.
"And what do you think of this?" She asked Violet.

Violet bit her lip and fought back her tears again.
"I don't know Corie. How am I meant to be with Tristan if he thinks he's gay?" She asked sadly. Corie pouted and patted Violet's hand in comfort.

Violet thought back to when Tristan had stopped talking and just watched the movie, leaving Violet's head a disorderly mess of emotions and questions.
She had no idea how to convince Tristan she was the right one for him.

Corie hummed and tapped her finger against her chin.
"There is one way to test if he's gay or not." She said with a wicked glint in her eyes.
Violet straightened and grinned at her.

"What's that?" She asked in excitement. Corie just laughed and grabbed Violet's hand and dragged her out to her car.
"First we need to go shopping." She said and pushed Violet in the car and jogged around to the other side.

"Are you going to tell me what you have planned Corie?" Violet asked her as she pulled out of the driveway. Corie just laughed and shook her head.
"You're going to have to trust me Violet." She said with a wink before she turned the radio on and started singing along loudly, preventing Violet from talking.

Violet sat back with a nervous flutter inside of her stomach. She hoped that Corie's plan wasn't too drastic. Then again, if it gave Violet a chance to be with Tristan, she would do anything.

The End

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