Fears of Being Over-SupportiveMature

Tristan had never been one for hugging, but he always made an exception for Violet, in fact, she was the only person that he could hug without it feeling awkward. But this hug however, was the exception, for some reason Violet held on to him, her fingers dug into his skin a little and her shoulders shook as if she were shivering from cold. Which was strange… his house had air-con which was currently set to a nice twenty-five degrees.

A girl screaming broke their hug and whipping his head around Tristan caught the last few moments of the little girl running from a hairless and eyeless monster until she made it to the safety of her room. Sighing in relief - he thought a girl outside had been murdered - Tristan looked back at Violet, she was staring at him her brown eyes full of confusion… and sadness… But it was only for a split second until Violet smiled at Tristan wiping all trace of the sadness and confusion from her face.

“Have you told you’re parents yet?” Violet asked as she grabbed her bowl and stuffed a huge spoonful of butter chicken into her mouth, swallowing the rice and chicken before immediately stuffing another mound of the dinner into her mouth. Tristan frowned at that… it was odd behaviour, even for Violet. But he shrugged it off mentally as Violet just being weird.

“No, and I kind of don’t want to…” He replied sheepishly, it wasn’t as though his parents were against homosexuals, far from it, but because he knew they would be too supportive… he knew it would just get awkward and embarrassing. Violet however, looked at Tristan as if he were the stupidest person alive, one eyebrow cocked up.

“But you’re parents are like… they have heaps of friends who are gay…” Violet explained no longer stuffing her mouth with dinner.

“I know and that’s cool and everything. It’s just… they won’t treat me like their son, they’ll treat me like their gay son, they’ll act all flamboyant around me, my mum will try and make me go shopping with her and I know my Dad will go around and try to find a boyfriend for me. I know that’s what they’re going to do and I don’t want that happening.”

Tristan groaned and rolled his neck back as he finished explaining to Violet the reason why he hadn’t told his parents yet, but Violet only rolled her eyes and shook her head in answer to Tristan’s explanation before she ate another spoonful.

“Stop being so melodramatic and just tell them, who cares if they’re over-supportive at least they’re not homophobic.” Violet answered back, her mouth full of rice and her words muffled.

Tristan couldn’t be bothered arguing with Violet anymore, she always won arguments anyway so there was never any real point to further the conversation. So instead Tristan just nodded silently before turning back to the television, rewinding the bits that they had missed and re-watching them all over again. He heard Violet sigh loudly, before she too turned back to the television and in a matter of minutes the both of them were engrossed in the movie. Well, at least Tristan was into the movie, he didn’t know about Violet though. 

The End

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