"Gay..." The word hung heavy in the air. It pounded inside Violet's head like a woodpecker, it echoed and sent gooseflesh slithering down her skin to rest at the base of her back.

Violet swallowed back her sob and looked at Tristan. She noted how...relaxed he seemed now, the tears were drying on his face and his eyes were empty of sorrow and full with relief.

"You're gay?" Violet whispered. Tristan nodded and flashed her a small smile.
He's gay? She asked herself in shock.

Violet thought back to the times when they'd have sleepovers, the times when she swore she could feel Tristan's eyes on her. Or the times when they'd embrace and Violet would just melt in his arms like ice cream on a hot day.

He couldn't be gay. How could he fall for Violet if he was gay? She took a deep breath and forced a smile.
"How long have you known?" She asked Tristan.  He shrugged and tipped his head back and closed his eyes.

Violet's heart almost broke at the sight. He looked so vulnerable and beautiful. Her hands itched to reach out and embrace him, her lips tingled from yearning to kiss him. She shook the thoughts away and waited for his answer.

"I've known for a few years." He said to her quietly. Violet frowned and stood up.
"You've known for a few years and you didn't tell me? We're best friends Tristan!"
He blinked at her then scowled.
"I know Vi, but I was nervous and I just...it's complicated." He said softly. Violet sighed and sat back down and grabbed his hand.
"I wish you had told me sooner Tristan. You can trust me." She whispered. He smiled at her and pulled her into a tight hug.
"I know I can Vi." He murmured into her hair. Violet wrapped her arms around him and rested her forhead against his shoulder. 

 Violet loved Tristan more than she could say, and he loved her too. Just not in the same way that she loved him. She had to find a way to convince him that she was the one for him.
Violet bit back a sob and hugged him tighter.

The End

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