There was nothing Violet hated more then being invisible to the one person she ached to be seen by. No matter how hard she tried her attempts fell flat and he remained unaware that she was so deeply in love with him that her heart felt heavy from the weight of her love. 

Tristan was perfect in every way, the way his dark hair was tousled yet looked so good, his beautiful eyes shielding all of his secrets. And his laugh, Violet loved the sound of his laugh more than anything.

Violet sighed and put her chin in her hand as she watched Tristan move around the kitchen cooking a meal she couldn't remember the name of. He was grace infinite.
Everything she dreamt of every single night. But he still remained unaware that she was so head over heels in love with him, but to him, she was simply Violet, the best friend.

She sighed and sat on the bare stool.
"Tristan are we going to do anything else tonight? You know other than cooking?" She asked him. Tristan looked up from stirring something in aa bowl and grinned. Violet felt stunned for a second. God, even his smile was so perfect.
"Of course we are. I got this movie that I'm sure you'll like." He said then remained stirring.

Violet felt hope blossum in her chest.
"Is it a romantic comedy?" She asked in excitement. He laughed and shook his head.
"It's a thriller." Violet deflated a bit and sighed.
"You know I hate thrillers Tristan." She grumbled. He sighed and looked back up at her.
"Yes I know that you hate them Violet, but I heard it's pretty good." Violet clenched her teeth together.

Tristan had no idea about Violet. He looked at her like she was just another person on this planet, he never saw her begging for his attention. Doing stupid things just to get him to notice her. But her attempts fell flat; every single time. 

Violet knew, that deep down Tristan felt something for her. She could feel it in her gut.

But how was she going to get herself out of the friend zone and convince Tristan that she was the one meant for him?
Violet needed to think of a way to get him to see that.

The End

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