Elowyn - 6 - Part 33Mature

  I spun my new sword, watching the sun's reflection on it that made the flames that were carefully engraved by the expert, Darl himself, come to life. I saw my sister's little body rise with a sigh and I approached her.

  "Oh little sister. What ails you?" I asked her, leaning against the tree, next to her.

  "Nothing. I don't want to talk about it."

  "Well you just gave me two very different answers. Either it's nothing, or you don't want to talk about it. So choose one." I said, laughing. She didn't take the joke.

  "It's nothing then."

  "Kiethar, I can tell what you are feeling."

  "Really? How?" She said with disbelief dripping from every syllable. I sat down beside her.

  "A new trick I've learnt. I can see what people are feeling, by concentrating on their life-flames." I told her, dismissive. Her mouth was wide and gaped like a fish.

  "That's not fair." She told me and I laughed.

  "No, what isn't fair is that you won't talk to me. What have I done?"

  "You treat me like a child!"

  "You are a child..."

  "NO I'M NOT!" She screamed. I blinked a few times as I listened to the silence of the forest around us. Nature was on edge.

  "You will always be to me. You are my little sister! I am supposed to be protective of you, don't you see? That is why I need to know why I need to beat Darl up." She looked at me blankly.


  "He has upset you, even though you are in love with him." That shocked expression was on her face again.

  "I'm not..." She began.

  "Don't lie to me, Aven. You know I can see right through you. You are an open book to me, so do not insult my intelligence."

  "I wasn't, Elowyn. I just... don't want to admit it. I feel... weak. Like he can destroy me at any moment and I wouldn't even care because at least he would be happy..." I smiled at her.

  "That's love, jynla. There's nothing you can do about it, and you shouldn't want to."

  "I don't. But I get so angry at you when you treat me like a child, because I don't want him to see me as one. I don't see what I have to offer him..."

  "Do not say such things! You are beautiful, kind and strong. You are a much better being than I! And believe me, he does not see you as a child..."

  "What do you mean?"

  "Oh jynla, I just know. I know the way he looks at you, and how he is almost as protetive of you as I am. Do not doubt him. You both need a kick to stop being such cowards and Baenthe already!"

  "Do you really think so?"

  "Trust me, kiethar."

  "I do. With my life. Always."We hugged and I felt that we were closer than ever. I sighed and she looked up at me as we parted. "What is it?"

  "It's just..." I sighed again and looked up to the blazing sun. "I think that we are strong enough to try to storm Castlar. Or at least to try."

  "People might get hurt, Elowyn."

  "People might get hurt now, Aven! All we are doing is travelling through the forests and hiding. We should be fighting!"

  "I agree. We should not be hiding from them. We are acting like cowards, when really we should be giving the people of Aeridia hope. I will talk to the others. We leave at first light, tomorrow."

  "Thank you, kiethar."

  "Don't worry, Elowyn." Aven stood and walked a few steps away from me, then turned and looked at me with a sad look in her eyes. "You miss him, don't you?" She asked me. I tried to smile, although it looked more like a grimace. I struggled to breathe, as I always did since I had been parted from him.

  "It's as if I have lost a part of my soul."

The End

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