Faeth 5 part 30Mature

"What are we going to do. This is all my fault" Meredth sobbed

"No it's not he could have got any of us, it is lucky you have Tunya told her mother before anything happened" I softly said.

"If you haven't realised that we have a fight on our hands" Darl sounded impatient.

"Right, now we need to move they will be here soon if we keep arguing." Sunelya huffed

"She's right. Meredth are you ok to walk?" Elowyn asked

" I think so. I am so sorry." Meredth slowly got up.

"No need to worry my child its ok" Suneyla said as Tunya nuzzled mederath.

"Right now we can't fight we need to fight: Darl drew out his sword as a bunch of Voxorians charged at us.

"Freshe!" I shouted and my sword flew to my right hand.

Darl and i charged at the Voxorians.

"The person who defeats the most voxorians wins" Darl shouted.

"Fine by me!" I laughed.

Tunya and Meredth were ushered to safety by Sunelya

Elowyn started to start throwing fireballs at the voxorians.

I was busy counting how many voxorians I was defeating before i realised if Evon was there. I stopped in my tracks and started to panic. I blanked out all the voices and shouts. Evon i hope you are alright.

"Faeth"Behind you" I heard Darl shout.

I spun around to see a bulky voxorian with an axe about to attack me. I coudn't move. He charged straight at me. He went straight through me. I moved to the side. I was completly unharmed. I must have turned into air! I have completly bonded with my power! I spun around and slashed the voxorian. I heard Sunelya roar and saw her attacking the voxorians she took one gulp and gobbled down eight of them.

"I got thirty one voxorians how about you?" Darl asked

"twenty nine" I moaned

"How about I train you some time soon boost up your skill?" Darl asked.

"That would be great." I put on a fake smile

The battle was over. We all knew this was the first of many more. We will be prepared.

The End

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