Meredyth 5 - 29Mature

Fury welled up inside of me. Suddenly I hated everything. I felt my eyes turn crimson, and my limbs began to do things uncontrollably. My laser-like eyes discovered Tunya. I found myself wielding an axe, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. A voice rang in my ears like tinnitus.

"Give up child, it's over. Give up." The voice snarled, and I felt evil spirits tipping me over the edge to the dark side. Looking at Tunya again, I felt pure hatred. I bolted, axe in hand, screaming wildly at the defenceless creature.

But I was interrupted. 

Darl's blade met my axe, and soon, we found ourselves in a heated duel. His sword was like a feather in his skilled hands, compared to my mad axe wielding. I was flung backwards, and met by Elowyn and Aven. Elowyn glared into my core, and I felt my limbs literally set alight. Aven uttered chants, but I was too enraged to understand them. Leaves whirled around me, and I felt as though I was suffering from vertigo, even though I was lying down. Then Faeth emerged, and made huge hand gestures, which caused me to levitate. I gesticulated wildly, endeavouring to release myself from both the metaphorical and physical bondage. Suneyla finally descended, and knocked me to the floor with one fell swoop of a single wing. 

My vision blackened.

I awoke to see the camp destroyed, with Aven and Elowyn carelfully reconstructing the shelters. My hand was struck with agony, and I began to fit. Suneyla boomed.

"Meredyth is awake, and struggling."

Faeth gazed down on me.

"She has communicated too much with the spirits. We must let her battle through the agony and return to us. "

Finally, my limbs stilled. I sat bolt upright, panting. At the very end of my episode, a final brief vision had flashed before me.

My father had found us, and he was approaching.

I felt sickeningly guilty. My apparent 'gift' had revealed our position, and we had a fight on our hands.

How could I be so stupid?!

The End

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