Sunelya 5 - 28Mature

I sat close to Elowyn by the fire and listened to her story with admiration.
I am proud of you, kiethar. I smiled my mind as Tunya nudged my tail and ushered me to come with her.

What is it? I asked softly and turned away from the fire.
I do not want a rider.
She said this in a sure and powerful voice. For a dragon pub.
I shook my head in disapproval and batted my wings; my Baby followed me in the same movements and soon we were high in the Skye.
I am now going to take you to the Skye Meadows, a place only for us
Excitedly my golden Precious whirled around and spat smoke into the air.
When will I spit fire?
I shook my head and eyed her with caution, she was flying wuite far away from me so as I let out a little roar, she came closer.
When you are ready.

When we had reached one of the Skye Meadows I landed on the floating grass and breathed the clean air of the Skye. I watched as Tunya explored this new place and let her get out of sight. This was no problem here; the Meadows were safe enough. I sat down and closed my eyes for just two seconds of content quietness.
I snapped out of my relaxing and reached out for Tunya,
Are you alright?
I heard guilty silence in reply and repeated the words more urgently.
I think I killed a tree.
Rolling my golden eyes I mentally beckoned her to come over.

So why is it that you do not want to be a riders dragon?
I watched her shift uncomfortably and look at me in dispair.
I do not feel it anymore, that magnetic field around her has vanished.
Disturbed I unfolded my wings and stretched them. Awe covered Tunyas face and she did the same, to reveal an almost pathetically small pair. I licked her face and settled.
That is not good, have her thoughts changed?

Tunyas Green eyes darkened as she looked at me boldly and worried.
Yes, she is contemplating on killing you.

Immediately I whipped around and leaped off the meadow towards the ground of Aeridia. Tunya had clambered onto my back and we both reached a high speed as I reached out for Elowyn:
He's got her. He's got Meredyth.

The End

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