Elowyn - 5 - Part 27Mature

  I felt my eyes narrow, and I turned on my heel to quickly walk away from the scene. I heard Aven laugh from behind me.

  "Typical. Run away like you always do." I stopped at the sound of the spite in her voice.

  "Don't you dare bring that up. You have no idea what happened and my reasons."

  "Exactly. You always keep things from me!" She screeched. I turned my head and saw Darl whisper quickly in her ear, trying to calm her down. I shook my head in annoyance, and left before she could say anything else. My gait became faster and I was soon sprinting through the forest, deeper and deeper until I was in the very heart of it, in a small clearing of tall grass. My gasps of breath would not slow down, and I could fel the heat of anger and despair boil within me. My chest heaved and a noise that sounded like I was tearing in two escaped from my mouth. I fell to the floor in a heap, and curled up like a baby.

  I heard the beat of wings, but chose to ignore Sunelya. She knew that I was not in the mood for a discussion, so instead curled her body around my tiny one protectively, and put her head by mine. She started humming a dragon song, trying to soothe me.

  "I promised, Sunelya. I promised him that if he was captured, I wouldn't tell anyone about us." I whispered inside my head. She sighed.

  "I know, Jynla, but he was only trying to protect you. you don't need protection form your friends and family."

  "Aven hates me."

  "Of course she doesn't. You are acting like a human child. She is merely upset that you have kept a secret form her, and is still angry that you left all of those years ago."

  "You are right. You are always right." I muttered, annoyed.

  "Ah, but you are still young. We all make mistakes when we are small. We all believe that our pain is the worst." I sat up and looked at her.

  "You miss Doryan. I'm so sorry, Sunelya..."

  "Do not worry, Elowyn. But you need to tell them. You cannot keep Anluan a secret anymore, especially if you want to help him." I nodded. She had told me what I already knew, but I just needed her to tell me what to do. I carefully stood up and looked up towards the now-dark sky, and the stars of my ancestors stared down on me as if encouraging me. Sunelya followed me as I went back to the camp. My fire had not died out and everyone was sitting around it in various poses of unhappiness. I glanced at Darl with his arm casually around my sister, and told him with my facial expression to watch himself. He uncomfortably removed his arm, and took her hand instead. I sat by myself on a log, and took a deep breath to steady myself. My eyes wandered to Sunelya, who motioned with her head to me to begin.

  "There was once a girl." I began in a quiet voice. Every one looked up at me, but I couldn't meet their eyes. "Who lived a normal life, in a normal Elven village. When she was very small, she found out that she was special and had an affinity to fire. Did that mean anything to her parents?" I laughed. "No, it did not. The girl had always felt inferior to her sister, her beautiful sister who could do no wrong. She didn't paint her lips like her sister, and she got angry too quickly. One day the girl had a fight with her parents, and ran to the forest in distress. She sat on the ground, crying, and felt a warm hand on her shoulder.

  "The touch of others was cold to her, so she was very shocked when she looked up at a boy a little older than her 16 years. He was smiling at her, brown eyes twinkling in his handsome face. She was stunned.

  "' Why are you crying?' He asked her, and her pride got the better of her.

  "' I wasn't crying. I don't cry.' She told him, holding her head a little higher. He laughed and nodded in agreement.

  "' I was just making sure. You never know, when you see a beautiful girl you have to make sure she isn't crying.' He told her, grinning. He glowed brighter than any fire she had seen. They made time for each other for weeks, their love growing more and more. He told her his deepest secrets, and she told him her every thought. They were both riders, and their dragons were also joined for life. It seemed perfect.

  "Soon she lost sight of the importance of her family, and became annoyed with her life with its traditions and rules. She had one last fight with her parents. They wanted to know where she was going all of the time, and why she wouldn't act like a respectable Elven girl. She wanted to scream at them, tell them that if the boy loved her for how she was, why should she change? Their harsh words stung in her ears, and she left. She told the boy what had happened, and he left with her. They spend a beautiful year together in a little cabin in the forest. But their dragons saw the Voxanians in the foreast, ciming for them. He hid her and her dragon hid in the Skye. She begged him not to leave her, but he told her that they would see each other soon and he wanted to make sure that she was safe. She heard the house being intruded, with the shouts and struggle. She cried silently to herself as he was taken. The girl swore that she would find him again, and wanted revenge. She went home, finally, to find her town, the capital of the Elven land, had been attacked. Her parents had disappeared, so she told her sister that she wanted to fight the Voxanians, and they left with only what they could easily carry. They helped others that wanted to fight against the Voxanians, and the rest, as they say, is history." I finally looked up. Faeth and Meredyth looked surprised at my revelation, and Aven had steady tears running down her face.

  "I'm very sorry for you, Elowyn." Darl said to me and I managed a small smile.

  "What is his name?" Meredyth asked.

  "Anluan. His Dragon's name is Doryan." I admitted. Aven and Darl looked like they had been stung by a bee.

  "Anluan? As in..." Aven started.

  "Yes, Aven. The Crown Prince of the Elves. That Anluan." I said with a sigh. She stood up, and sat beside me with her cold arms around me in an embrace.

  "Oh, Elowyn. Why didn't you tell me before?" She asked. I shrugged.

  "I'm sorry, kiethar." I said to her. She stroked my hair.

  "It's fine, jynla. I promise you, we will help you find him." Aven said, and the others all agreed. We were a united group once more, and we were one step closer to saving both Anluan and our homes.

The End

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