Darl 4- Part 25Mature

Our new arrival was playfully chasing her mother around the trees. In the few hours that had passed since she had hatched, she had grown two feet longer. Dragons really were amazing creatures. Tunya trotted over to where Meredyth was sitting cross-legged with her back resting against an oak and gently lay her head in Meredyth's lap and settled down to rest. Meredyth beamed over at us, her expression filled with pride.

Since I had been rescued by The Rogues I had forged a close bond with almost all of the group however whenever Sunelya looked at me I got the distinct feeling that she held a certain distaste towards me. Also I couldn't quite place Elowyn. She was friendly and polite but oddly distant and secretive at times. Faeth was a different case however. She was open but shy and easily confused. She seemed to treasure her sword almost as much as she treasured her freinds, a trait I admired. Meredyth was also very open but more confident. Aven was a completely different matter. She was very friendly and seemed to be very loyal. She was certainly beautiful but I had confused feelings about her.

Absent mindedly I drew a knife from the sheath at my waist and concentrated. The gleaming metal rose from my fingers and hovered a few centimeters in the air. This simple exercise drained my strength steadily until after a few minutes i had to let the blade drop back to my fingers.

"How do you do that?" a voice asked. Turning round I saw Aven staring intently at me.

"Do what?" I asked in turn.

"Control your magae without words." She said. I smiled.

"It's an old branch of teaching. It takes a lot of training and energy to pull off."

"Can you teach me?" she asked. I thought about it for a moment. If anything it would be a good excuse to be with her.

"Sure! But not now, tomorrow." She smiled and walked off to sit with Meredyth who was now stroking Tunya's head. I leant back and smiled.

The End

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