Faeth - 4 - Part 24Mature

The amazement of the new arrival to the Rogues was overwhelming.  I did stay in the shadows though. I still have a fear of dragons. I don’t know why but I just do.

I saw Carla perched on Darl shoulder. I loved how elegant her wings were when she stretched them. Every time the sun shone on them I always saw hope of a better future. I used to have a pet blue tit. I say pet but really it was just a bird in the palace gardens that I always talked to about my problems. He always understood me and I always understood him. I don’t know what I have but I can always understand birds and their feeling and emotions. Probably because I have the power of air and they live in the Skye and so should I. I stretched my left arm out and Carla flew over and perched on it. I started to stroke her delicate feathers and talked to her about the brighter future we have laid before for us. (I hope)Darl was amazed by this

“So, I see that Carla seems to grow found of you,” Darl said softly as I stroked Carla.

“I have these things with birds and they seem to like me,” I whispered.  Carla let out a soft squawk. We both laughed. “So, is it true that you have the element of metal?” I asked

“Yes, it is true,” he said proudly.

“That great! We should have a sword fight some time. Freshe and I are a really good team so it won’t be easy to defeat us.” I sounded a little bit cocky, but I was amazing at sword fighting.

“I bet you are,” he laughed, “Sometime soon we could have a fight.”

 He whistled to Carla and she went back to perch on his shoulder.

The End

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