Meredyth 4- Part 23Mature

The egg began to rock gently. Its sheer size startled me, and I took comfort in Darl's shadow. I grasped his hand, and he squeezed mine gently in return.

A sharp cracking sound pierced the air, followed by several loud scratches. Eventually, four scaled feet burst from the shell. There was a slight pause, then an almighty crash as the dragon's head broke through the tip of the egg. It shook its head abrubtly to rid its scalp of remaining egg shell, then gazed fondly at its mother.

Sunelya beamed at her new offspring, and it was truly touching. The baby dragon rolled across the floor until the rest of its casing fell away, and soon a pair of majestic wings unfolded from its back. It eagerly tried to flap, and hovered a few mere centimetres above the ground, before thudding back to the floor. Unshaken, the baby dragon suddenly realised its mother was not the only creature present. Itgazed, inquisitively at the rest of us, its large gleaming eyes inspecting us. Our eyes met for a moment, and the dragon slowly crept towards me. Despite its youth, it unfathomably sharp talons and large teeth terrified me, and I felt goosebumps rush over my skin. The others all parted, staring in awe. I felt Darl's hand slip from mine.

I was soon face to face with Sunelya's offspring. I gently raised my hand, as a sign of friendliness. It thrusted its face into my palm, and I felt its soft, calm breath on my sweating body. Suneyla looked up, smiling.

"She has chosen you, Meredyth. You will be her rider."

Me, a rider.

I never thought I would ever experience this moment. A dragon wanted me to be its rider?!

She licked my hand gently, and I laughed.

"Sunelya, this is wonderful! What is her name?"

"Tunya. Her name is Tunya."

It was a beautiful name, for a beautiful dragon.

The End

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