Sunelya 4 - 22Mature

I eyed the wheeled vehicle that my companions had gathered around suspicioulsy and retreated to look at my Offspring.
Ruflagra, I tried and direct the beckoning towards the life withing the magic shell. I growled deeply when I received silence as a reply. Doryan. I recalled my mates name into my mind.
Doryan. I reached out into the forest and the endless Skye. There was no reply, there never was. I looked at my precious creation; all that I had which reminded me of him. It was now that I recalled the night when She was created.

We had been flying through the Elvish night, playfighting and floating on infinite happiness. So it was about time that we landed on a high Skye meadow; the kind that only dragons can reach. I lay close to Doryan, we warmed each other with the fire of love as the godly dragons watched over us.
Why me?, I asked him as we gazed at the close stars.
Because you are my Gruelya, he pronounced the ancient Dragerion word clearly and looked at me with his Saphire eyes.
He slowly shifted his weight, nuzzled my head with his. He then layed on top of my majestic body carefully and we united to create the ultimate connection.

This had happened  6 years ago, the time it took for a dragon to develop. This was one of the reason why my species had become so scarce around Aeridia.

I had by now turned my back towards the egg and while carressing it with my tail; I gazed into the woods.
The depth of the Aeridian woods is unknown to most humans., Carla sat on a over-shadowed branch some miles away.
Are you ready?, I asked; hiding my anticipation towards the creature.
Not nearly., The bird broke the connection and I could feel her drift off towards a plain.

Elowyn. Stop playing with it. I frowned upon the bonfire she was creating on our campsite. When she was in pain about her mate, this was her way to compensate it. Without waiting for a replay I whipped my tail, which resulted in a splash of water killing of the large fire.
You can't tell me what to do. I got to my feet treading towards her, lowering my head to her low level and licked her from head to toe.
I know. My rider looked disgusted and laughed heartidly, when I heard the alarming cracking.

Faeth was there first, to my disturbance. I leaped towards it and harshly pushed her away from it showing my sharp teeth.
Let me see! Elowyn came closer and for a reason that is still not clear to me, I spat a hot flame towards her and roared in defense. Darl kept his distance and I eyed  him cautiously so he stepped back even further.
You will take that hide off. I ordered him, only to see Aven walking closer towards the egg, thinking I would 'trust' her over my rider. I clawed at her but she just escaped the attack. Meredyth, horrified, hid behind Darl and he took her hand.
Astonished looks were directed at me, except for Elowyn who sat on a rock, tears in her eyes.

I didn't notice anymore of this, for my precious was awakening.

The End

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