Elowyn -4- Part 21Mature

  My feet rubbed against my leather boots that were slowly falling to pieces. I made a mental note to find a pair in the next town we camped close to, and carried on through the now apparent pain. Faeth was wimpering a little from behind me, and I turned to look at her and Meredyth. Faeth's shoes were too small from years of being treated badly and having to make do with what she had, and Meredyth's slippers were highly impractical. It was no wonder that they were complaining to themselves. I sighed and looked up into the sky. We had bee travelling for 3 day, and had only stopped once. I watched Darl and Aven far ahead of us, and Sunelya circling our motley group in the Skye. I had been on her back for most of the time, but became inconvenienced by her offspring safely stowed away in the seat's bag, so decided to join my companions.

  "Sunelya, can you see a town nearby? A river?" I asked her, and she showed me what she was seeing. A lake surrounded by thick trees, and a town a little walk away. I stopped walking.

  "Darl! Aven!" I called to them, and they turned towards me. Faeth and Meredyth looked at me hopefully. "I think we should make camp. It's been a long time for the humans." I decided. We moved away from the path, deeper into the forest. everyone was busy, and I called Sunelya down.

  "Yes, jynla?" She asked me, and I went to the opposite side of the bag to where her egg lay. I whispered the counterspell to the one that had kept the pocket magically locked (much to my sister's annoyance). It kept my secret, special things. I took out a piece of parchment that I did not dare look at, for it had an uncanny sketch of Anluan, done by an elf who specialised in such things. I also took a necklace; the pendant was a reasonable sized teardrop-shaped ruby, flanked by two sizable diamonds that Anluan had given to me when he told me that he loved me. I then found what I was looking for; a very large bag of gold coins. It was a small fortune that Anluan had given me when he realised that the human King was searching for him, but I suppose that the sum was nothing to the Prince of the Elves. I removed some of the coins and placed them in my pouch of everyday things that were needed. I tried to stop myself, but couldn't stop my hand from reaching in the bottom of the bag to take the ring that matched the necklace, that Anluan later gave to me as an engagement ring. My breathing grew heavier as I stared at the sign of our love, and Sunelya nudged her way into my thoughts.

  "Do not cry, Elowyn." She told me and I glared at her.

  "I am not crying." I protested, them replaced all of the belongings except for the money in my pouch. "Do you want your egg?" I asked her, and she smiled in her special dragon way. I went to the other side of her, and removed the most precious thing in the world. I carefully lay it in front of her. "Her life-flame is strong. It won't be long now." I told her and she looked at me in wonder.

  "A girl?" She asked and I grinned at her. She then stared at it and placed her head down by the egg. "I wonder what colour she will be..." She pondered.

  "That, I cannot tell you, but I am positive that she will be as beautiful as her mother." I told her, storking her head. I then left to go back to the camp. "I'll be back soon." I told the others, and none of them asked me where I was going, as I was prone to going off on my own to collect my thoughts.

  I pulled my hair from its braid, and made sure that I wasn't wearing anything to show my race. I walked towards the little town, and hoped that it would have what I needed. Why did I put myself in danger? Well, mostly because there were things that we needed that couldn't be easily made, and also because I honestly didn't care if they caught me. The others, yes, but for myself I secretly prayed that the army would find me, on my own, and take me prisoner, so that I could find my Anluan.

  I bought what we needed and put it in my pack, and as I was about to leave I saw a man trying to sell a horse and large wagon . I went over to inspect it. The horse was a beautiful bay mare, and was remarkably healthy. I looked inside the wagon, and it looked quite comfortable and spacious, and there was a cupboard to store the horse's feed. "How much?" I asked the short, human man. He looked at me, at my new boots and my young appearance.

  "120 pieces of gold." He told me. It was a ridiculous amount of money, but we wouldn't get such an oppurtunity. I thought about it.

  "Throw in enough feed for a month, and we'll make it 150." I told him. I had overpriced, but he was willing to comply with no questions asked. I led the horse with her load back to the camp. The others were shocked.

  "A horse? A wagon? Are these things necessary?" Aven asked, skeptical. I laughed at her.

  "We'll be a little slower, granted, but two can rest while the others walk, and we won't have to stop as often. And we can put our belongings in there, so we don't have as much to carry." I told her. I then faced the other girls. "And I got these for you." I said, throwing each girl a sack. Both had new boots, and different sets of clothing for various needs in boring colours, but they were both thrilled. Meredyth hugged me with her cold arms, and Faeth looked at me with big eyes.

  "I do not think that I will be able to repay you, Elowyn..." She told me. I laughed.

  "Do not worry about it." I told her. "I also have..." I said as I retrieved two loaves of...

  "Bread!" Meredyth and Faeth said in unison.

  "And butter!" Faeth said, ecstatic.

  "And jam!" Meredyth said with glee. Aven looked at me suspiciously; we hadn't had bread in months.

  "How did you get the money for all of these things? And why did you buy them?" She asked me. I raised my hands and stepped back a step.

  "When did you become the miserable sister?" I laughed. "Enjoy it, Aven! It'll be while until we have anything like this again." I told her. She wasn't convinced.

  "And the money?" She asked, arms crossed whilst tapping her foot. I sighed.

  "I'll tell you someday." I promised.


  "Yes, Soon! Now let's eat before they eat it all! I think Darl is trying to steal a loaf for just himself." I joked, taking her hand as we sat with the others to enjoy our little treat. I sighed, thinking that my secret was going to have to be told sooner or later, no matter how hard it was for me, if I had any chance of trying to find Anluan and his dragon, Sunelya's mate.

The End

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