Faeth III Part 18Mature

When I saw the egg I was filled with joy. It was so elegant. It had lots of ancient symbols all over it, and it was kind of large. I rushed over to Sunelya and gave her a hug. This was pretty impossible because she is really big. “You are going to be a mother. How wonderful!” I wasn’t really paying attention to the shocked eyes of Meredyth and Elowyn.

“Have you realised that you are hugging Sunelya?” Elowyn laughed.

“I think she is growing fond of Sunelya; I can sense it” Meredyth also laughed.

Sunelya groaned slightly but I could tell she was very happy. I just smiled and carried on stroking her.

“Can I carry the egg back to the campsite? Please, Please, Please?” I was so happy I dint know that I was causing a soft breeze around everyone. The smell was amazing. I felt like I was in a lavender field. It felt like I could stay in that one place forever.

“Yes of course you can, my child.” Sunelya slowly said she was very weak.

Lifte Caresous” I slowly lifted the egg and walked happily to the campsite where Aven was slowly caressing the sleeping Darl’s hair. I couldn’t help laughing.

“Aven, look! Sunelya had an egg!” I couldn’t stop grinning.

“It’s beautiful. I know why you’re smiling; I was simply helping Darl rest.” A likely story, I thought. “Beridth” Aven softly said and she made a small nest for the egg beside her. I slowly laid the egg down. I sat next to the egg and softly sang my mother’s lullaby.

I couldn’t help falling asleep next to it.

The End

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