Meredyth III- Part 17Mature

Darl finally awoke.

His eyes fluttered a little, as his body still creaked with unease. I couldn't help but become transfixed upon his eyes. They were like nothing I had ever seen, one hazel, the other pure white. He looked up at me, jumping a little.

"Kyrev, I did not mean to stare."

"It's fine, do not worry yourself. I'm Darl."

"I know." I indicated my powers by forcing my eyes into their white glaze.

"Ah, I see. And who may you be?"

"Princess Meredyth, daughter of the bastard king wreaking havoc and terror upon Aeridia. But Meredyth will suffice."

Darl laughed, then groaned due to his lack of strength.

"Do not worry, you'll be fine in our care."

Without thinking I gently stroked his face, in a nursing manner. Realising the perhaps inappropriate contact, I decided it was best to stop.

Darl drifted back into sleep. I did not blame him. I pulled myself up from the low, makeshift bed, and closed my eyes. The spirits were speaking again, in quiet, peaceful whispers that were ever comforting. Elowyn emerged to tend the dying fire. Aven sat, also deep in thought. Faeth hovered gently above the ground, stroking the blade of her sword. The peace was suddenly disturbed by a ground-shaking, booming moan.


We all ran. In distress, Elowyn began to cry.

"Do not fret, jynla. Suneyla's orlis is strong."

Aven and Faeth followed close behind. Realising that Darl was now alone, Aven hurriedly returned.

"Let me know if Suneyla needs any more assistance, but we can't leave Darl in moritca."

We reached Sunelya, only to discover that her pain was over. A large egg lay next to her. We gasped, and huddled around it, gently caressing it, hearing for any signs of life. It was truly a beautiful sight. Sunelya was beaming, looking majestic as she always did.

It was a moment of bliss. But soon after, duty took over again. We would need to move on swiftly. There were more Voxanian attacks to quash, and hopefully a tyrant king to overthrow.

The fact that said tyrant king was my father, I now regarded as irrelevant.

The End

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