Sunelya - IIIMature

When I had returned from the quest of capturing our newest member, I felt worn out tired and hurt. The words Aven had thrown at me so viciously stuck deep in my flesh and hurt like poisoned arrows. Draeth. I swore in Aerish, most likely in a horrible accent. I preferred to keep it like this; for swearing in Drager often had disturbing results.

I lay down feeling numb pain in my gut and grunted at the certain disadvantages of being female. I glared over to the hawk which inspected me with intellegent eyes.

 What are you?
I directed it at the bird and it shuffled and returned the stare without fear or anxiety; a skill which most other species had their problems with. As I concentrated more on the bird and tried to rummage through her mind; I ran into a wall guarding everything.

More than you think.
Disturbed I let it go. I knew that she was going to tell me more about her in due time; I had found out so much that I was now for sure that she was in favour of the Rogues.

As I fell into a light slumber, the pain steadily increased. I lifted my head in irritation and tried to reach out for Elowyn, but she had busied herself with the stranger. My thoughts stretched towards him; he had worn a dragon hide breastplate. When he was on his feet I was going to rip it off his chest, no matter what.

The pain was almost unbearable and I was now desperate for Elowyn or Aven. But none seemed to care. I got to my shaking feet and saw Meredyth. I trotted into her direction only to see that my last solution had white eyes. I spread my wings and shakily asceneded a few metres. In pain I flew forward, desperately trying to fight it from expanding up towards my stomach and lower throat.
Elowyn, Elowyn, Elowyn, E-L-O-W-Y-N
I put all my remaining strength into these words, but she did not hear me. While I screamed in my mind; my wings had lost its power and I fell.

In an attempt to save myself I hit my claws into the hard rock, and tried to hold on. but as the pain was getting stronger I was loosing power and crashed into the stone falling to the ground. There was soon pressure in my lower body and I screamed it out into the night. The earth was shaking, the trees were loosing their needles and leaves. I roared from the bottom of my weak heart. I tried to reach out, but the pain had taken my strength; and the pressure was becoming unbearable. I roared and screamed and cried with all the might of my twelve metres. I thought about my love. Then the pain stopped.

I dropped my head to the floor and tilted it slightly, so I could see my lower body. I gasped and heard hurried footsteps and Elowyns crying. I was not ready to reach for her yet.

I had just laid an Drageria Fallytia, also known as an Egg.

The End

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