Elowyn - III - Part XIIIMature

  "Help her!" I ordered whoever was closest to aid my sister who has fallen to the floor, sleeping in an attempt to fight off the Darkness. If only the druids were still practicing, then we wouldn't have to worry about the Darkness that comes from over-exxerting our miagical skills. Faeth looked at me with big eyes. "Go on Faeth, Meredyth and I can handle this. I trust you." I told her, and she nodded before scurrying off to help Aven, who was flailing about like a fish torn from his home in the ocean.  "Meredyth." I regarded her. Her eyes were their usual violet, so I knew that I had her attention. "Do you think you can speak to him? In his mind?" I asked her. She blinked before shaking her head.

  "I am not advanced enough to do so without using all of my energy..." She said and I nodded.

  "Borrow mine. I'm stronger than you, and we need to talk to him to tell him that he is safe with us, and to wake. His injuries aren't half as bad as they seem, but Elves tend to go into a deep sleep when in danger, just as Aven has done to fight the Darkness. You need to encourage him to wake up." I told her, as quickly as I could. I few fire spells had hardly depleted my store of enery, as I had been playing with my elemental skills from birth and had learned to build up my energy store more than others, as fire is such a strong element.

  Meredyth put on hand on the side of his face, and the other held my burning hands that lay on his chest. I flinched at her cold touch, but had became accustomed to it by the time her eyes turned to snow. Soon, I felt and intense pain in my head, but tried to shrug it off. Meredyth really was inexperienced; she was instinctively trying to weaken me with pain before taking my energy. She really needed to learn how to stop that from happening when with friends.

  It didn't take long for her to enter the maze of his mind and tell him that all was well. When she emerged, whimpering at the minor burns on her hands, I felt Darl's life-flame stabalise, and so I took my hand from his chest.

  "He shall awaken very soon." I told them, and we all sighed in relief. Although he was an elf, he was not of our elven clan so I did not know how he knew of us. I went over to my sister. "Ah, Aven. Bit off more than she could chew; as she always does." I said, shaking my head. I took my protective gloves, that I used when not using magic and when touching others' skin, from the pocket of Sunelya's seat, and picked my tiny sister up. I took her to our shared dome, and lay her down to sleep for a while. "Wake whenever you like, kiethar. Our kinban is recovering, and there is no more danger. The Darkness will have left by the time you wake up." I whispered in her ear. I then sat by her, and picked up the talisman that hung above our heads. It was a circle with the four main elements (fire, water, earth and air) within it. I stroked the little flame. It symbolised our Elven clan of magae (magic), and we had to wear it on a chain at all times, and also hang it where we would sleep for good luck and happiness. I wondered what clan Darl belonged to. Jyn (love), taranqi (war), witheian (wisdom) were the other clan names, and with magic they were the principles and skills of Elves. I looked at my stirring sister and wondered whether I should have left her home in Linira, as our Elven capital was too strong to be penetrated by the weaker humans. I sighed as I remembered our happy lives, with balls and magic practice and surrounded by loved ones. She had only just turned 16, and I was nearing 18. She had hardly any life experience, and had no sweetheart. I suddenly second-guessed every decision that I have ever made, and felt angry inside. What was wrong with me? In trying to protect my sister, I have taken her life from her. And, of course, my mind switched to my own loss of a happy life with the Elf I loved.

  I was torn from my thoughts by a loud yell from the others.

  "Elowyn!" Faeth yelled. I looked towards the source of the sound. I then heard Meredyth say,

  "He's waking!"

The End

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