Darl II- Part XIMature

Now I was really in trouble. About four hours ago I found just couldn't walk straight and was now covered in glistening seat. When four days before I had ran out of water I knew I was finished but I just couldn't bring myself to  stop walking. Above me Carla soared gracefully through the clouds like a guardian angel.

I stumbled my way forward across the coarse, hot ground. God my head hurt! My vision blurred and I tripped and fell face down in the solid dusty earth.

 "Dreath, just stop." I lay there, waiting for the pain in my head to pass. Slowly it receeded, but it didn't fade completely, only remained as a slight buzzing ache cloistered in the furthest part of my head. I dragged myself to my feet and almost fell forward.

Fifteen minutes later I was on my side howling with pain. My head felt like it was about to split in half. The last thing I saw was the glistening form of Carla diving towards the ground and the last sound was of great beating wings coming towards me as a dark figure loomed over me, as I sank into unconciousness.

The End

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