Faeth - II - XMature


Everything seemed to change after the Voxanian attacked; everyone seemed to be keeping themselves to themselves.  And I really wouldn’t have minded a hug.  I got really board so I went into the woods for a while and practice sword fighting really did clam me down. I loved my sword and I could feel are bond every time I used it. The only thing which I loved dearest was my Sword Flashe.

When I got back to the campsite I saw Meredyth. She had rushed back from picking apples which were in her arms; she started to gasp for breath. When she got her breath back she panted, “There is a young man in the desert and he looks tired. He needs are help. There is also something about him that might come in handy. I could see this al in my vision.”  Half an hour went by and then from the sky Sunelya appeared. On her back was the body of young man. He looked dehydrated. And he had a hawk, it looked exhausted but it was really pretty. I stepped out of the way as Aven went to take care of the dehydrated man.

The End

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