Meredyth-II- Part IXMature

With the Voxanian attack over, there was time to ponder. As the last corpse fell to the floor, my milky eyes returned to their normal colour once more.

I looked about me, realising that Sunelya was no where to be seen, and it worried me a little.

I mean, it's hard to lose a dragon!

Putting that out of my mind, I saw Aven repairing the campsite. She was so focused on her task, I appeared lazy by comparison. I decided I would be of use and collect wood and find food for tomorrow. I began to forage through the vast wood. The undergrowth was vast, and one persistent root tugged at the hem of my dress, causing it to tear. I sighed. There would be no chance of fresh clothes for a while yet. I yearned for someone to join 'The Rogues' with an affinity for needlework, but sadly that was highly unlikely. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. My royal upbringing caused me to view life through rose-tinted spectacles. It was a dress, after all. Clothes were the least of our worries.

The fate of Aeridia was in our hands.

I ventured further into the forest, picking apples, and even stooping as low to freshly deceased animals. I found a dead rabbit curled up in a pile of crisp leaves. Gingerly picking up the carcass, I added it to the pile in my arms.

Meat was a necessity. And now we had bierdo, it would make eating the thing much easier.

Raw meat is something one cannot adjust to.

I began to make my way back to the camp, when a feeling of dizziness washed over me. I collapsed to the floor, and all the apples in my arms rolled like spinning tops over the earthy ground. I felt my vision go black, and I began to wretch uncontrollably, like I was having a nightmare.

Soon white flashed before my eyes.

I was having a vision.

A young man appeared. He was squinting, his hand placed over his eyes. He was trying to see something. My vision panned out, and I could see he was incredibly muscular, and was wearing armour. A hawk flew above his head, screeching, then swooping ahead in front of him. The bird was flying towards the horizon. The man appeared exhausted, sweat was trickling down his face. He ploughed on, but soon his fatigue overpowered him. He fell to the floor, breathing heavily and panting.

I felt sick as I surfaced back to consciousness. It was the horrible effect of my visions. All I knew was that this man was somehow relevant to 'The Rogues.'

I just hoped it was for a good reason.

Collecting the fallen goods,and pulling the fragments of stray leaf from my hair, I sprinted through the trees to tell the others. I wanted us to be prepared. It had been agreed that any magical occurence should be immediatley spoken of. This vision was no exception. As I ran, I heard the beating of huge wings overhead, I looked up to see Sunelya, making a beeline for the horizon.

Perhaps I was not the only one to know of the man after all.

The End

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