Sunelya - IIMature

When Elowyn had left the campsite, I grew more and more anxious for my rider had her ways of getting into trouble. I watched Aven, Faeth and Meredyth absently as I scannes the Skye in order to read the stars. These paintings of Kularya the dragon of night, one of my Gods, had always meant a lot to me. I thought about Doryan and remembered how we used to lie beneath her tent and feel complete. The thought of him being held in chains angered me and before I realised a low growl escapes my throat. Faeth immediately jumped up and pointed her tooth pick at me. Ryokala Trnaff, I hissed the Dragnan words at her in a taunting voice. The stick left her hand and fell to the floor. Aven looked at me and shook her head in disgust, muttering something about a dog. I lifted my head and towered over her, red filling my vision. My razor sharp teeth bleaked in the night as I threatened her. The elf couldn't bare the eye contact and broke off, I whirled around wordlessly glared at Faeth which had been touching my tail. Child

As I ascended towards the stars in steady curves, I tried to reach for Elowyn, but she was deep in thought and did not hear me. There had been few incidents between the Rouges so far; but this one had been the most painful for myself. I hated to admit it, but I did love all my two legged companions dearly, although Aven had the tendency to degrade me to an animal. I spat out fire into the night and angrily whirled around to land on a jagged rock. Here I curled up and enclosed myself in my wings. Doryan I was reaching out, to every insect, mammal or reptile in my surroundings Save me, juroal The word for partner stayed in my scarred mind as the mourning roars ripped through the night.

I leaped of the rock and let myself glide over the forest so that I could hunt for prey. Eyeing the trees carefully I spotted a small herd of Faerlt Deer, these were big variations of normal Deer and extremely dangerous. For humans. For dragons, due to obvious reasons, they were not. As perching from this height was difficult I decided to just drop and grab the biggest. I folded my wings to my side, made out the male deer and fell like a sharp arrow, to pierce through the thick flesh and rip the animals head form its neck. Savagely, I gulped down the raw meat and crushed the bones in delight. When I had finished the corpse I picked the remain up and threw it after the staring female, audience distracted me.

As I ascended once more into the Skye I licked my claws and purred at the sweet metallic taste of blood. I stopped in mid-air and thought about my species. Am I this horrible? Why do I enjoy killing? Is Faeth right in fearing me, and Aven treating me like a pet? I contemplated my depressing thoughts, when I looked through Ewolyns eyes, to see where she was. She was holding a stick, which had caught fire. She was fine. i was relieved but to hurt to return just yet. I shunned my mind from Elowyn and felt for alone and miserable.

I glared towards the plain, focusing on two points; a hawk and a boy. My instincts took over, I started towards them.

The End

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