Faeth - I - VMature

Could my life get any worse? I am the youngest of the Rogues, Elowyn is dying to throw me a pot of boiling lava and I have fallen I love with a Voxanian called Evon. The plus side is that I have my trusty sword as a comfort.

I am not used to my power. I am slowly getting to grips with it, and I love to play around and get a feel for it. My childhood was taken away from me when my parents died and my uncle took over the throne. He made me a maid and I got abuse from him every day I breathed. 

Evon was a new Voxanian. He only just started his role in the place and I would stare at him every time he walked past. He was well built, medium height, and had piercing blue eyes which would make my heart melt. The first time we actually talked was when I had an accident. I was washing my uncle's disgusting feet when I accidently coughed on them. He was furious and beat me. I ran. I wept under a weeping willow and couldn't stop thinking about my mother's lullaby. "Luminous Lumino Carathike, my child." I felt like I was rocking in my mother's arms. When I opened my eyes, I was above the tree. I screamed in dismay. That was when Evon came rushing to the scene, and that was when I fell. Being in his arms made me feel at home. How I miss him.

The Voxanian mercenaries reached our campsite. I knew there would be a fight. Elowyn pushed me to the back so I couldn't see. I was furious.

"It's the Rogues, get them!" I heard them shout. A shower of arrows came flying down. I immediately took the chance.

"Luminous Lifte!" I shouted, and in a second the arrows were trapped in a strong gale. Elowyn took her chance and burnt the arrows to a crisp. Aven whispered ‘Hakura' and in an instant, the trees wrapped round the Voxanian mercenaries. I knew Evon wouldn't be there so my mind was at ease. Princess Meredyth elegantly walked towards the struggling secret police and raised her hands, and in obedience they looked at her. She whispered something I couldn't hear. Sunelya crawled across to them in an instant. I ascended into the Skye, terrified of the dragon. In one humungous mouthful, she swallowed them.

The End

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