Meredyth - I - Part IVMature

I awoke from a blissful vision, the spirits of the Upper Worlds, beyond the Skye were comforting me, telling me that our cause would be rewarding.

How constantly I needed that reminder.

I was one of the newer additions to 'The Rogues.' At first the others had, naturally, been sceptical. I was the daughter of the tyrant king after all. How I hated him for it. I still remember how it all began as if it were merely yesterday. My father had always appeared incorruptable, but that was when Mother, the dear Queen Tevalia had still been living. She was his rock, what kept him strong. After her early passing, Father yearned for her so strongly that she tried to make a deal with the Lower Worlds. He soon became mad, and all that could soothe him was power.

It was all he wanted now. When he cast me out, he couldn't even recall my name. His exact words still cut me now.

"Leave me, witch! You're title is renounced. You are no longer a princess of this fine land, but despicable daughter."

I had cried unaccountable tears, only the kind spirits comforted me. I realised that I must go against my father and start a revolt. The throne would be rightfully mine after his passing. I would ensure my title was reinstated.

And I promised freedom to all my companions in 'The Rogues.' They deserved it. I still found it impossible to fathom why only a few brave Aeridians had dared stand up to this regime. I supposed all of it would be explained in due course.

But now, to the the current situation. I gradually return to the world around me, surfacing from the deep pools which are my thoughts. I see a lone tear roll down Faeth's left cheek. I see Sunelya's wing shielding Elowyn, who is visibly shaken. Aven is trying to distract herself by creating small leaf whirlwinds. It was all horribly quiet.

"Carathinke, cotarii. What has happened here?" The soothing alliterative words of 'Calm, friends' emerge from my lips. Before any answer could be vocalised, the silence was broken by the soaring of arrows.

I could sense the Voxanian, Aeridia's awful secret police were approaching.

We had a little confrontation to deal with, but it would be easy enough.

We had the elements on our side.

The End

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