Elowyn - I - Part IIIMature

  We tensed at the sound in the bushes, but all laughed in relief when a tiny rabbit jumped out, and made it's way towards my excited sister.

  "I'm going to wash." I tell them as I carefully drop my bow to the earthen floor. I make my way to the waterfall the cascaded into the river, and begin to undress, shivering a little. Although it is hot to any human or elf, the air is chilly to my burning body. I inspect the water carefully, and grimace as I test the water with my pale hand. Too cold. I close my eyes, and sense the cold earth beneath the water, and concentrate on heating it. "Bierdo" I mutter to myself, using the Aerish word for 'heat'. When the water is steaming and bubbling enough for my approval, I slip into the river and sigh in delight. I let the water tumble on my released hair, and my mind is at peace. For a small while, at least. I step back from the fall, and submerge myself up to my neck in the side of the plungepool, willing my mind to stay away from topics that may upset me.

  "You're crying." I hear Sunelya say in my mind, as she does when her words are only for my ears. I shake my head, although she cannot see it.

  "No I'm not. I cannot cry, I do not know how to. What's the use of crying when you can burn things instead?" I reply, and she chuckles. I pull my head under the water so I cannot hear the noise around me, and can only feel the calming heat in my every limb. My bliss is murdered, when a single name comes to my mind and my lips. "Anluan..." I say in silence, in the water. "Can you hear me, dear heart?"

  I emerge, gasping for breath. No-one must know. If they do not know, they cannot take what we have. I think of Sunelya, and of her mate who disappeareed with mine. I am only half of myself. My life-flame is flickering, but no-one must know. His skin was warm to my touch, when the only warmth I have ever felt from a living being was from Sunelya. He burned so brightly, that I can almost see him over the horizon, if I concentrate hard enough...

  Pain. Cold. These thoughts run through my guarded mind as a gust of bitter wind pierces through me, so I cannot breathe. I want to scream, but not only do I have no breath, but I cannot give our position away. "Sunelya. Help me. Cold." I shriek inside my head instead, and I hear her roar even from where I am.

  "Faeth" Is the only words she sends, but I instantly know. I'm going to kill her. I dress as quickly as I can, and storm into our clearing.

  "What were you thinking, child?" I hiss quietly, as I stare into her small face. She cowers from me, and I know that it is because my eyes are now a brilliant crimson. I smile a little. "Go on." I say and cross my arms over my chest. I feel the heat in my eyes die a little.

  "It was only a game..." She starts cautiously. I feel my sister holding me back, although Sunelya is just as furious a s I am.

  "A game? You could have killed me!" I spit. Aven tries to mediate.

  "She didn't know, Elowyn. Carathike" But even her soothing voice, or the word of 'calm' in our mother tongue can control the fire inside of me.

  "Let go of me!" I shriek, getting louder in my frustration. Aven reluctantly does so, and I see her rubbing her now-burnt arms. Meredyth stands there, dumb, as she has only just awakened from her visons, and Faeth is close to tears.

  "I will not be so forgiving, next time." I hiss. Aven takes a step towards me, but I raise my arms up in defeat, and to tell her not to touch me. I storm over to Sunelya, and gracefully mount her, and we are in the Skye once more. And despite the incedent that had just occured, I could think of nothing but my secret sorrow.

  "Anluan. Where are you, love?"

The End

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