Sunelya - Part IMature

I soared high above the enclosed space in the far east of our country. Securely I altered the position of my wings and lost height quickly. I knew that we were going to be safe for a while, at least. As I circled our camp I watched Aven prepare the huts for the night. I was going to sleep outside, of course with Elowyn. I loved her in a way that was indescribable; we were bonded, I felt what she felt and thought what she thought. The human was sitting at the river and washing clothes while my rider was making a fire. I thumped to the ground and cocked my head "How about a bit of deer?" I licked my razor teeth with the parted tongue and purred. "No, we should cast a spell ." Elowyn felt tension and anxiety, no one else felt it. She mounted me in her usual manner, and relaxed almost immediatly.

"Shakkkrai Huhdk Aluena" I spread the spell along the boundaries of our night area. The dragon magic was more powerful than anny kind of magic a human or dwarf could produce, and we did not need a spell book.

I whipped my purple tail in suprise as Elowyn directed me back down to our camp and as I landed I snorted, because she seemed disinterested and unfocused; I threw her off. "There you go, almighty Elowyn" I was gladly mocking the mentors and Alva, the way the two legged talked was very peculiar to us dragons.She patted my nuzzle, then Elowyn tried to glare at me evily, I returned the glare and because I was in a good mood I made it evil and showed my teeth topping it up with a menacing growl of anger. The next sound that reaches my ears is a scream "The dragon, it is turning against us!" Faeth had not been around dragons a lot in her life, and was therefore easily frightened. While I was distracted, Elowyn had started laughing. She came up to me and cuddled into my soft belly i flopped over and knocked down the fire and hut with my giant wing. #

"SUNELYAAA!!" The combined voices of Meredyth, which I had awoken from her concentration ans Alva screamed in my head. I rolled up into a giant purple ball and so enclosed Elowyn, which tried to retaqin her obvious laughter. I felt a bit guilty of having destryoed the mighty Willow tree and the hut, so I thought I would relight the fire. As Elowyn started to register my idea, it was already too late. I had set alight the remainders of the Willow tree and some of the grass. Now I whipped my tail and a massive tidal wave swept over the plain and carried Faeth and clothes towards us.

I was about to get the telling off of my life; but then there was the rustling in the bushes behind us and we all whirled around.


The End

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