The Battle for AeridiaMature

An all new epic fantasy, as told by a group known only as 'The Rogues'

The higher powers which govern Aeridia have called for the end of magic. The Aeridian folk have been forced to bring all their spell books to assigned collection points. All those who use magic are told to never use magic again, all the while a bronze sword gleaming before their eyes. As they helplessly agree, choosing meaningless life over premature death, their magical capabilities are stolen from them. The various species whose lives are deeply rooted in magic; elves, wizards, enchantresses, dwarves, witches, faeries and dragons, have found themselves at a loss. Without magic, the spark of life is dim. Yet, while magic is taken from the Aeridians, one small group of resistance fighters known only as 'The Rogues' refuse to relinquish their powers. Using their talents, they embark on a quest to uncover the true dark motives of the nobility and to restore the freedom of magic to the Aeridian people. Yet all the while, another darker force is at work, attempting to destroy the only good magic left.

Here beginneth the story of that small group of freedom fighters.

The End

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