the sound of my breaking heart

My heart was breaking every day, again and again. It never had a chance to heal. The daily trials of the day-to-day were bearing me down. This burden of feeling was to much for me to bear.

My heart sunk into my chest, and I wished to be gone. Away. Nothing could take away the pain I was feeling then. No bandages could cover what I was feeling. I wanted to leave this earth. I hated who I had become. Once so innocent, once so happy, now guilty and burdened. 

"Just take me home." I whispered to the ceiling. I waited with bated breath. My wish wasn't granted. 

My heart couldn't have hurt anymore than in that instant. I had no purpose. I had no future. I can't continue to live like this anymore.

In the deepest, darkest pit, I reached rock bottom. Pounding against the floor, my heart sunk into my chest. Little pieces of me were about, and hope of repair was gone. My strength ran out. 

The End

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