the band-aid's on my heart

When I was little and my heart was new, I had no worries. No cares, no bad memories. My heart felt no pain, I smiled and laughed freely. That was before the storms came.

One by one, lightening struck, and slowly my innocence was taken. I put band-aid's on my broken heart, crying as I covered each wound. Bandages won't heal a broken bone, and neither will they heal a broken heart. But I thought "They will do for now."

But the day finally came, that I knew would eventually come, when no band-aid could heal my heart. Try as I might, nothing could pull together the pieces of my life. The pain over-flowed, and I could no longer repair myself. 

I looked to something else that would make the pain a little more bearable. "Just this once" I thought. I was no longer the little girl, who smiled and laughed so freely. I plastered smiles on my face, and didn't once allow the world to see my pain.

The End

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