Damien: The Magician and The Trials

I couldn't find her anywhere and panic surged through me as I remembered the tree's words. I had promised to protect her and if I had failed....

I eventually found her asleep on the roof, where she normally goes when something is bothering her. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. After I carried her back down and brought her to her rooms, I sat down against the wall and sighed.

Four thousand years and I could see clearly that she was still the same. I may not know what she really looked like, but I knew the way she thought. She was a little bit insane. You had to be to rule the Attic. It's not a very sane type of place. That's what I loved so much about it. Also a great thing about being in the Attic was, that if you were of a certain type of person you never grew old. I remembered when I had first come to the Attic. I was 20.

I told everyone I was looking for my purpose. I was looking for a purpose, but I was really looking for an escape from my own world. After a lot of thinking, I finally asked the Queen could I stay here forever and be her protector.  She took it as being some kind of fancy, something I just wanted to do. What made me really decide that she needed someone to look after her was the Trickster. He had come too close far too many times while I was just a guest in court. Most people seemed to think that something horrible had happened in my previous life that made me reluctant to return. They never knew what I really was, they never asked.

I pulled a book from my pocket and looked at the front cover of it. The Magician. Flicking open the cover I looked at the front page. 'The next best thing to Robert Jordan - The Times' 'Damien is an exceptional author who draws his readers into the world he creates - Stephen King'

Yes, I was a writer. And if they knew, things would change. People would regard me differently, the Queen would regard me differently....

I smiled as I tucked the book back into my pocket. The time would come when I would have to tell them all, but that time was not now. My hand closed around the hilt of my sword as I felt fatigue creeping up on me.

After a while it finally won and I fell asleep.

My dreams were full of strange things. A girl with a squirrel tangled in her flowing hair and a sword tied around her waist with a purple scarf. Another girl with an iPod (I recognized it from my old life) and running clothes. There were others too, otherworldians and Atticans. I recognized one of them. He had been a sea captain. Brov. He seemed to be shouting something into the sea breeze. It sounded like...Yo-ho?

I felt water fill my nostrils and I woke gasping to see the Queen crouched in front of me looking worried, her hand on my shoulder.

I gulped in fresh air and stared at her wide eyed. 'The trials are about to begin.'

The End

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