Jes : The Chocolate Wrapper Key

I got up off the soft green grass and peered around the "Septiland" sign, nothing. I looked into the distance, again nothing. I sighed heavily as my shoulders slumped and the sun beat down on my back.

"Well, this is great. Just what I needed when I should be studying for school, or working on my serves for volleyball!" I started walking in no particular direction, because, truthfully, there were no directions to walk to. "I could be at home, with a nice book, reading and curled in front of the gas fire, but Oh no! I have to be stuck in this god damn land of green grass. Who makes a land with only green grass anyways!? If I had it my way, there'd be a ginormous book-shop, a candy shop and a nice cafe where I'd do all my homework, not to mention a cozy old little house. Oh! And a huge theme park, yeah, that'd be my land,"

I covered my ears and stopped in my tracks as the sound of one thousand thunder storms erupted behind me and the lightning that goes along with it. I screamed, but it wasn't even a whisper compared to the noise that split the air.

When the thunder disappeared, a small shop stood behind me. I gaped at it, I hadn't just walked by a shop! What is this?

"All that show for one measly shop?" I said to the grass. It replied with a soft wave in the breeze. I truly was insane, I was talking to grass. What did I expect it to reply with? "Green! Green! Dirt! Sunshine! Green!" Come on Jes.

I walked into the store and found a single chocolate bar sitting on a dusty floor. The rafters were also covered in dust an cobwebs sparkled in the open ceiling. I picked up the chocolate bar and read the name.

"Vunder Bar of Big Vunders!

Now with no nuts!"

Yeah, nuts were the least of my worries. I opened the chocolate bar and found another one inside of the wrapper, with a different label, but also speaking about granting wishes and "big vunders". This continued for a while, until I had a chocolate bar in my hand the size of a credit card.

"Talk about a rip off," I said quietly as I revealed what was inside the wrapper. There was more paper, but not laminated like the other wrappers. I unfolded that and there was a golden key inside. When I picked it up, I realized it was on a chain. It had a black hole type thing on the part where your fingers go. Odd, I thought. When I looked at the paper, it had 4 words on it.

Open Door In Air.

"Excuse me?" I said outloud. But, reluctantly, I did as I was told and lifted my hand, with the key, into the air and mad a turning motion. A sound like someone ripping paper erupted through the silence of the little shop and A huge flash of yellowy-red light flashed in front of me. I sheilded my eyes with my arm and waited for the light to die down. When it did, a large twisting, colourful hole stood, no, floated in front of me. Words flashed in and out of the area that I could see and I stared at it, bewildered.




"What the heak!?" I cried into the hole. I reached my arm forward and was sucked into it as though I was being taken piece by piece. The last word I saw fly across the swirling hole was Primaland. I just hoped that place was more interesting than Septiland.

The End

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