"Uh-oh..." I looked down. Why did I have to climb to the top of a tree during a wind storm? The wind threw the branch from side to side, back and forth, until I felt my stomach turning over inside of me.

I grabbed the thin branch, and started to inch my way down. Soon, though, the wind picked up in intensity, and I heard a crack. From just below me, the branch toppled, and as the small branches tore at my hair and the ground came closer, my vision blurred.

What is going on? I thought to myself. I would have sworn I wasn't falling anymore. I was standing on soft turf, mountains in the distance, and the sweet smell of grass in the air.

I stretched, not bothered by the turn of events. It didn't matter that I had been magically transported to a field after falling out of a tree, at least I wasn't falling anymore. Suddenly I noticed something laying beside me. It was a letter, which I promptly picked up and read.

Aahh, Greetings to you Oh Weary Traveller,

Welcome To The Attic....Where fantasy becomes reality...
So glad you paid a visit to my humble abode...

Let me explain a little bit about The Attic....

Anything can happen in The Attic Of Lost Things. Many people come here in search of something lost, but few people ever leave. What you have lost does not concern me, it could be anything from an old sock to a childhood dream. Keep the knowledge of what you have lost to yourself because there are entities here that would try their best to find and conceal what you look for to obtain power over you.
If you can find me, then you may be guaranteed of clean clothes, food, a bed to sleep in, and most importantly, my help.

I am the Queen of The Attic and I can grant you one wish, but one wish only.
Then, if you can answer a riddle for the Riverman, he might take you home.
You see another thing that I forgot to explain about The Attic is that, although you can find your way here, it is nearly impossible to find your way out, and so far, only three people have guessed the answer to the Riverman's riddle.

So here's the dilemma for you....

Do you ask me to return you to your world?
Do you ask me to return what was lost?

Choose wisely my friend, your future depends upon your answer.


High Queen of The Attic

Lovely, I thought. What have I lost, anyway? I ran up the nearest hill, to get the lay of the land. Not far away, I saw the bright blue sparkle of the ocean. I turned the other way, and saw more mountains. I started that way, thinking of the viscous waves at the sea-shore.

After a while I noticed my shoe had a hole in the toe. I kicked the shoe off, and after a moment's hesitation, the other one. I took off my jeans jacket, and tied it around my waist. A valley lay in front of me. I went down, remembering that towns were more often build in valleys than on mountains.

Soon I found myself on a plateau, with a small, neat meadow. I sat down on the grass and took out a mechanical pencil from behind my ear, a notebook, curled in on itself, from inside my sock, an eraser and extra leads from my pocket, and multiple books on varying subjects from the inside pockets of my jacket.

I sat there for a while, sitting, thinking, reading, and writing. Waiting for something, anything, anyone. And soon, lulled by a quiet breeze, I fell asleep.

The End

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