Damien: Fyifs, squirrels and talking trees

The Queen seemed agitated that a Fyif had come to visit her and being honest I couldn't blame her. The last time a Fyif had turned up at the palace there had been a war about two months later that had caused the deaths of many people, including her family.

I twirled my sword around in my hand, staring at the words engraved on the hilt.

Remember the future

I smiled and stood up, walking out into the practice yard. Three knights stood waiting for me and as I approached they all proceeded to bow and then draw their swords. I returned their bow and then positioned myself in the centre of the three of them. The practice began.

It took me less then five minutes to disarm them all and they bowed to me as they retrieved their weapons. "You are most skilled Master Damien." One of them smiled and I threw my cloak around my shoulders and fastened it. "I have had about two thousand years more practice then you." I smiled back. He chuckled and turned away, leaving me to walk back to the palace.

Suddenly a squirrel appeared from nowhere and jumped onto my shoulder. "What on earth..?" I began but the squirrel gave me such a look that I fell silent because it wore a small belt around it's waist with a miniature sword attached and it looked sharp so I didn't fancy getting THAT in the ear.

It motioned for me to keep walking and so I continued on at a leisurely pace until I reached a place where there is a small waterfall. The water caught the light as it fell, sending rainbows dancing around the place. The squirrel seemed to get a little over excited at this and he (I came to believe it was a he) leapt off my shoulder and dashed towards the rainbows, promptly falling into the water.

I gaped as he splashed about in obvious distress as his little sword weighed him down until finally a voice behind me cut in on my amazement. "Well don't let him drown you moron! Fish him out!!"

I pulled the little creature from the water and let him lie on the bank panting and spitting water. Then I turned to see who had spoken. And found myself looking at a tree. "A talking tree?" I exclaimed.

"Yes, my master wishes to give you a message." the tree replied. "You what?" I asked sharply, dread filling my soul at the word 'Master'. "He says to tell you, enjoy working for her while you can because you'll be working for him soon." it kept talking but I chose to ignore the tree and instead did the only thing I could do when a random talking tree decides to give a message from the Trickster and indirectly threaten the Queen's life. I turned towards the castle, and ran.

The End

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