Queen Aria: The Book Of Lost

I prowled the corridors angrily and glared out at the Septiland. Bloody Septiland.

"I'm SICK OF IT!" I shout and servants near me scurry away in fear as the walls shake slightly. "DAAAAMIIEEEENNN!!!!"

He walks around the corner and infuriates me more. He walks.....WALKS!!! "Yes your Majesty?" he bows and I stomp forwards until I'm right up in his face, wagging my finger. "Don't you know that when I call...."

The palace lurched and I fell forwards into him, knocking him over. There was silence and I looked out the window to see that the city of Algebra had moved as I requested.

But I wasn't given any warning as to where we would end up. Lord Samuel's mansion stood in the near distance and I sniffed distastefully and glided off down the hallway with my nose in the air, leaving Damien to scrape himself off the ground.

I settled myself into my throne and then demanded the court Librarian be brought before me. Then I filled my lungs with air just as Damien entered the throne room. The look on his face was priceless when he realised what was coming.


My court mathematician stumbled in, a piece of paper clutched in his hand. "I'm so sorry your Highness, I sent one of the servants to tell you your Highness, she got lost your Highness, I beg your Highne....."

"Marcus." I interrupted him. "If you say 'your Highness' one more time today I will strangle you with a piece of Snargle Grass."

He turned pale and nodded, bowing so low his large head bumped the floor. "I wanted to thank you actually, for a speedy job. Well done." I smiled and then waved him away. His jaw dropped in shock. "Oh thank you your Hig....Majesty." he bowed before fleeing the room.

Finally Lar arrived, trudging slowly into the room his back slightly bent and four servants following in his wake, each holding a corner of my beloved book.

The Book of Lost

"Lar, Court Librarian." he bowed and I smiled gently at him. "Thank you Lar. Come, sit with me and after I have looked over the book you can tell me some tales of 'What came before Lost.' and we shall have some lunch."

Lar nodded and slowly shuffled forwards, his grey hair ruffled by the breeze of the Primaland that snuck through the window and caused mischief with my chandeliers. "Thank you graciously my Queen." he smiled as he settled himself on a stool to my right. I rested a hand on his shoulder for a brief moment before sweeping down the steps from the throne and opening the book.

Pages upon pages of gold writing shimmered before me as I flicked through pages of names. Then I came to the last one and I saw with satisfaction that the boxes were drawn out for 4 more names. That meant that the book was back to it's usual tricks.

You see, The Book Of Lost documents the comings and goings of the otherworlders to the Attic's lands. When all is completed the writing appears in the boxes in an ornate gold scrawl, telling their names and what they lost, what they chose and where they went, but until then it remains invisible to all.

I closed the book and walked back up to my throne.

"Damien could you please tell Cook that I'd like something otherworldian for lunch today?" I turned to him briefly.

"I'll tell her you're with Lar, my Queen." he bowed and I smiled. "Thank you Damien."

He winked at me and left the room as my mouth dropped open in surprise.

He grows too bold!

The End

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