Scarlet : Time to move on?

Lying on a grassy field in Primaland, I think about my boyfriend from all those weeks ago. I lost him, and I can't find him. It's been about three weeks now, and I still can't find him. Maybe he isn't lost though. Maybe I should move on.

The air above ripples. Then the sunrays are blocked away as I stare at a gigantic building straight above me. My legs help me up as I try to run away from the thing that is dropping onto the ground. I start thinking of The Wizard of Oz. No! Surely I didn't deserve to die like this! The base of the floor is only inches away from my head when I take a giant leap of faith away from the shadow of the building, falling flat onto the ground as I land. My shoe falls off in midair and doesn't survive the jump. Goodbye shoe. May you RIP under the gigantic.... PALACE!

There is a symbol on the glass doors of the palace. It seems very familiar. Then I remember where I had seen it before. Taking out a letter from my pocket, I unfold it quickly. On the corner of the letter is the exact same symbol - a plain house with a question mark in the attic. No. Way!

The End

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